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Ballet Pink Plastic Chain Links 1ft, 23x17mm, Transparent Pink Chain, Clear Acrylic Chain Necklace, Miami Cuban Link Chain, CH039-23-PK14
1ft Glitter Acrylic Chain in Light Pink, 23 x 17mm
1ft Frosted Hot Pink Plastic Chain Links, Matte Transparent, Miami Cuban Link Chain Style, 23 x 17mm
1ft Hot Pink Acrylic Chain Links, Clear Transparent Plastic, Large Chunky Chain, 31 x 19mm
1ft Matte Blush Pink Acrylic Chain Links, 28 x 20mm
4 Light Rose Teardrop Pendants, Real Wood and Resin Beads, Translucent Pink, Color Block, 37 x 28mm
2 Infinity Circle Ring Pendants, Faux Abalone Shell with Green, Pink and Purple, Acrylic, 35mm
1ft Frosted Ballet Pink Acrylic Chain Links, Matte Crystal Chain, Chunky Cable Chain, 31 x 19mm
2 Round Washer Charms in Light Green and Pink, Thick Flat Ring Links, Seamless, Cellulose Acetate, 29mm
2 Geometric Charms in Watercolor Tortoise Shell, Diamond Shape, Light Blue and Pink, Acetate, 37 x 28mm
1ft Matte Hot Pink Acrylic Chain Links, Simple Chain with Cuban Links, 28 x 20mm
1ft Matte Coral Orange Acrylic Chain Links, Pastel Colors, Light Orange, Jewelry Supply Findings,  24 x 17mm
Coral Pink Acrylic Chain, Cuban Links, Curb Chain for Necklaces, Purses and Jewelry, 30 x 22mm
Blush Pink Plastic Chain Links 1ft, 23mm x 17mm, Chunky Acrylic Chain, Wholesale Curb Chain Necklace, Millennial Pink Colored, CH061-23-PK21
Pastel Pink Plastic Chain Links 1ft, 23x17mm DIY Craft Chain, Light Pink Coral Color, Replacement Strap, Chunky Acrylic Chain, CH046-23-PK16
2 Half Circle Earring Findings in Blue Pink Marble, Acrylic Pour Jewelry, Mismatched Earring Components, Marbled Resin Beads, CN204-36-IM04
2 Light Pink Acetate Half Moons Earring Parts, Pale Pink Charms, Laser Cut Acrylic Jewelry Findings, Dusty Pink Earring Blank, CN193-37-PK02
2 Large Circle Loop Pendant in Blue Pink Yellow, Confetti Tortoise Shell Rings, Large Circle Link, Pink Cellulose Acetate Ring, RG052-32-UPY
4 Little Square Studs Earring Blanks Acrylic, LAK027-12-UPY
1ft Matte Neon Plastic Chain Links, Mixed Colors of Pink, Yellow, Orange and Green, Kidcore and Kandicore, 24 x 17mm
1ft Transparent Hot Pink Chain Links, Paperclip, Oval Cable Connectors, Clear Acrylic, 27 x 16mm
1ft Glitter Acrylic Chain in Hot Pink, Plastic Cuban Chain, Transparent, Necklace and Bracelet Jewelry Supply, 23 x 17mm
1ft Frosted Acrylic Chain Links in Light Blue and Pink, Two Tone Gradients, Smooth Texture, Matte Plastic, 24 x 17mm
1ft Matte Neon Pink Chain Links, Fluorescent Bright Colors, Pop and Oshare Kei, Acrylic, 24 x 17mm
4 Berry Purple Connector Links for Jewelry, Roud Circle Discs with 2 Holes, Acrylic Plastic, 12mm
1ft Transparent Pink Acrylic Chain Links, Crystal Clear Glass Colored, Simple Curb Chain, 23 x 17mm
1ft Ombre Pink and Yellow Acrylic Chain Links, Transparent Plastic, Chunky Cable Chain for Purses and Jewelry, 31 x 19mm
1ft Natural Pink Acrylic Chain Links, Translucent, Curb Chain for Purse Straps and Necklaces, 29 x 21mm
1ft Matte Blush Pink Acrylic Chain Links, Craft Chain Supplies for Jewelry, Purse Straps, Wristlets and Glasses Chains, 24 x 17mm
1ft Matte Hot Pink Acrylic Chain Links, Designer Chain for Glasses, Purses and Wristlets, 24 x 17mm
4 Hot Pink Teardrop Pendants, Color Blocked, Bright Pink Charms for Earrings, Real Wood and Resin, 37 x 28mm
4 Large Acrylic Circles in Coral Pink Tortoise Shell, Plastic 1.5 Inch Disc Earring Blanks, Orange Pink Beads, Marbled Beads, CN174-35-PK08
2 Half Circle Charms in Comic Ink Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 18mm

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