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Showing 1 - 36 of 42 products
4 Small Wedge Beads, White Tortoise Shell, Quarter Circle, Hand Fan Shape Pendant, Curved Triangle Dangles, Geometric Charms, CN207-29-WT
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Large Triangle Charm, Cellulose Acetate Shapes, Thin Triangle Open, Wholesale Acetate, Light Beige Beads TR008-26-WT
2 Triangle Pendants in Blush Pink Marble, Light Pink Pearl Charms, Cellulose Acetate, 34.5 x 30mm
4 Tiny Triangle Drop, 12mm Triangle Disc, Colorful Small Triangle Charm Tortoise Shell Bead Blank Rainbow Marble Resin Pour TR002-12-KMC
4 Upside Down Triangle Charms, Sunflower Yellow Tortoise Shell and White, Acetate, 21.5 x 19mm
4 Small Triangle Charms in Multicolors, 21.5 x 19mm, 1 Hole, Cute Plastic Beads, Upside Down Triangle
4 Clear Acrylic Spike Charms with Gold Foil Flakes, 28.5 x 6mm, Tiny Earring Blanks with 1 Hole
2 Large Triangle Charms in Dark Brown Marble, 34.5 x 30mm, 1 Hole, Translucent Plastic Beads
2 Clear Acrylic Triangle Pendants, Transparent Glass Colored, Epoxy Resin Setting, Jewelry Supply Charms, 1 Hole, 34.5 x 30.5mm
4 Small Triangle Charms in Dark Brown Tortoise Shell, 1 Hole, Earring Charms, 21.5 x 19mm
4 Clear Acrylic Triangle Charms, Transparent Plastic Beads, Engravable Earring Blanks, 21.5 x 19mm
4 Clear Acrylic Spike Charms with Silver Foil Flakes, Edgy, Small Triangle Drops, Plastic, 28.5 x 6mm
4 Spike Charms in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Dagger Charms, Long Triangle Drops, Acetate Acrylic, 28.5 x 6mm
4 Spike Charms in Tortoise Shell, Acrylic Edgy Charms, Long Triangle Drops, Plastic Acetate, 28.5 x 6mm
2 Large Triangle Ring Charms with Silver Leaf Foil Flakes, Transparent Clear Acrylic, 34.5 x 30.5mm
2 Large Triangle Ring Charms with Gold Leaf Foil Flakes, Clear Acrylic, 34.5 x 30.5mm
2 Geometric Pendants in White and Blue Marble, Blue Acetate Charms, Triangle Connectors, Blue Tortoise Shell Jewelry Supplies, TR026-35-U03
4 Triangle Earring Charms with Gold Flecks, 21.5 x 19mm, Designer Charms, Transparent Acrylic Beads, Tortoise Shell Supply, TR027-22-CGF
4 Small Inverted Triangle Charms, Silver Foil Leaf Flakes, Clear Transparent Acrylic Shapes, 21.5 x 19mm
4 Small Triangle Drops, Acrylic Earring Pieces, Blue Acetate Charms, Geometric Shape, Backpack Findings, Tortoise Shell Supply, TR029-21-U03
4 Thin Triangle Charms, Open Triangle Ring Connector Link, Light Tortoise Shell Earring Findings, Geometric Dangle Earring Part, TR024-39-WT
4 Transparent Purple Triangles, Big Triangle Charm, Inverted Triangle, Dark Purple Earring Parts, Purple Tortoise Shell Beads, TR017-21-PL01
4 Inverted Triangle Charms, Blush Pink Marble, Pastel Colors, Cellulose Acetate, 21.5 x 19mm
4 Small Triangle Charms, Dark Green Purple Acetate Beads, Arrowhead Charm, 21mm Triangle Marble Acrylic, Resin Earring Findings TR010-21-GXY
4 Inverted Triangle Drops, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Eco-Friendly Acetate, 23 x 20mm
4 Small Triangle Charms, Blonde Tortoise Shell Earrings Triangle Outline Open Triangle Acrylic Triangle Resin Tortoise Findings TR006-19-BT
4 Inverted Triangle Blanks Acrylic Earring Findings, Down Arrow Charm Neon Random Colors, Tortoise Shell Jewelry Plexiglass, TR007-23-KMC
4 Upside Down Triangle Charms, Tortoiseshell, Cellulose Acetate, 23 x 20mm
2 Large Triangle Charms, Colorful Rainbow Confetti, Acetate Plastic, 33 x 28.5mm
2 Skinny Triangle Blanks, Multicolor Tortoise Shell Bead, Thin Dainty Triangle Charm, Colorful Plastic Charm Geometric Earring, TR023-42-KMC
2 Open Triangle Links, Blue Pink Yellow Acetate Earring Parts, Colorful Tortoise Shell Charms, Thin Acrylic Triangle Pendant, TR021-35-UPY
2 Mustard Yellow Resin Pendants, Yellow White Tortoise Shell Pendant, Triangle Outline, Resin Blanks, Open Triangle Links, TR020-35-YWB
2 Large Triangle Pendant in Lilac Purple Tortoise Shell, Transparent Purple Beads,  TR019-35-PL01
2 Rainbow Triangle Connectors, 37 x 32mm, Colorful Rainbow Stripes, LGBT, Earrings Acetate Charms, Upside Down Triangle Link, TR016-37-2STR
2 Skinny Triangle Pendants in Imitation Tortoiseshell, Earring Charms, Cellulose Acetate, 42.25 x 11mm
2 Upside Down Open Triange Pendants, Tortoiseshell, Acetate Plastic, 37 x 32mm

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