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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
Antique Brass Beads Tibetan Silver 6mm (100pcs) Large Hole 2.5mm, Metal Spacer Beads Donut Flat Round Bead Bronze Disc Heishi, BEAD002-06-MAB
1 Stainless Steel Barrel Bead with Scrollwork, 5mm Hole, Textured, Bracelet Spacer Beads, 11.5 x 10mm
Antique Copper Beads 6mm x 2mm (100pcs) Tibetan Silver Spacer Beads Tire Donut Ring Bead 6x2 Round Flat Disc Metal Rondelle, BEAD002-06-MAC
Silver Rondelle Bead 6mm (100pcs) Large Hole 2.5mm Heishi Bead Flat Round Ring 6x2mm Beads Metal Washer Tibetan Silver Spacer, BEAD002-06-MSP

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