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Showing 1 - 36 of 1782 products
1ft Tortoiseshell Chain Links, 24mm, Rich Brown Acrylic, Chunky, For Purse Handles
1ft Matte Metallic Black Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, Flat Cuban Chain for Purses
1ft Frosted Clear Acrylic Chain Links, 19mm, Matte White Crystal, For Jewelry Making
1ft Large Tortoise Shell Chain, 30mm, Rich Brown Acrylic, Extra Chunky, For Purse Chains
1ft Bone White Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, Chunky Bulky Chain, For Statement Necklaces
1ft Small Tortoise Shell Chain, 11.5mm, Plastic, Orange and Brown, One Continuous Length
1ft Cafe Latte Acrylic Chain Links, 24mm, White Brown Marble, Light Tortoise Shell
1ft Matte Gold Acrylic Chain Links, 23m, Big Fake Gold Chains, For Hip Hop and Rapper Necklaces
1ft Opal Clear Acrylic Chain Links, 27mm, Iridescent, Paperclip Connectors
1ft Extra Large Tortoise Shell Chain Links, 40mm, Acrylic Brown, For Purse Handle Chains
1ft Frosted Acrylic Chain Links, 24mm, Matte Crystal, Chunky Curb Connectors
1ft Butterscotch Brown Chain Links, 30mm, Marble Acrylic, For Handbag Handles
Tortoise Shell Sheet, 19.6 x 8 Inch, 4mm Thickness, Cellulose Acetate Sheet Blank, Guitar Pickguards, Knife Handle Material
1ft Frosted Ruby Red Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, Matte Effect, Miami Cuban Links
2 Large O-Rings, Swimwear Connector Rings, 2 Inch Ring, Competition Bikini Top Connector, Acetate Findings, Tortoise Shell Rings, RG058-51-WT
1ft Light Brown Acrylic Chain Links, 24mm, Beige and Taupe Colored, Chunky Quick Links
2 Gold Snap Hooks with Swivel for Bags, Metal, Large Push Gate Clips, Purse Strap Attacher Rings, Designer Hardware, 1.9" Inch
1ft Glossy Black Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, Split Quick Links, Chunky Crafts
1ft Matte Purple Acrylic Chain Links, 28mm, Pastel Colored, For DIY Purse Straps
1ft Succulent Green Chain Links, 23mm, Marble Acrylic, Light Green Pastel Colors
1ft Cafe Latte Acrylic Chain Links, 35mm, Light Brown and White Marble, Light Tortoise
2 Round Tortoise Shell Ring Connectors, Swimsuit Rings, Plastic O Rings, 2 Inch Craft Rings, Bikini Top Rings, Large O-Rings, RG057-51-TT
1ft Sapphire Blue Acrylic Chain Links, 24mm, Transparent, For Chunky Necklaces
1ft Matte Kiwi Green Acrylic Chain Links, 24mm, For Chain Purse Strap Replacements
1ft Matte Cocoa Brown Acrylic Chain Links, 28mm, Large Size, Super Chunky
4 Bone White Acrylic Earring Parts, Solid White Stud Earring Components, 14mm Blank Earrings, Milky White Resin Earrings, EAR066-14-W07
2 Round Tortoise Shell Circles 32mm, Yellow Plastic Rings, Open Back Bezel, Yellow Acetate Acrylic Links, Open Circle Loops, RG053-32-YWB
2 Acrylic Laser Cut Hexagon Pendant, Multicolor Tortoise Shell, Plastic Colorful Rings, Cellulose Acetate Charm, Linking Rings, DX071-45-DMC

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