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Showing 1 - 36 of 85 products
4 Mini Circle Blanks, Acrylic Earring Blanks, 10mm Round Blanks, Tortoise Shell Stud Earrings, 10mm Disc Blanks, Resin Circle, LAK032-10-TT
4 No Hole Discs Tortoise Shell, 15mm Flat Round Disks Resin, Embellishment Tortoise Earrings Blanks Acrylic, DIY Jewelry Supply LAK002-15-TT
4 Small Round Circle Blanks, Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 12mm
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Stud Earring Findings, Acrylic Earring Blanks, Little Discs, Tiny Circle Studs, Small Rounds Blanks, LAK033-10-WT
4 Acrylic Earring Blanks in Beige Tortoise Shell, Monogram Blanks, Acetate Stud Earring Parts, Bulk Blanks, Half Inch Discs, LAK031-15-WT
4 White and Black Marble Circles 25mm Diameter Round Coins Big Round Earrings Oversized Acetate Tortoise Shell Flat Disc Beads LAK007-25-BW
4 Desert Tortoise Shell Flat Circles Discs, Plastic Discs Undrilled Beads Desert Turtle Shell Cellulose Acetate Acrylic Pendant LAK009-25-BT
4 Tortoise Shell Round Circles, Plastic Blanks Resin Tortoise Print, Keychain Blanks Large Post Earrings Orange Tiger Stripes, LAK011-25-TT
4 Pearl White Resin Cabochons, Undrilled Cabs, Plastic Flatbacks for Stud Earrings, 12mm
4 Bright Yellow Tortoise Shell Cabochon, Tortoise Discs No Holes, Mini Round Circle, Sunflower Yellow Beads, Resin Flat Backs, LAK042-16-YWB
4 Multicolor Tortoise Shell Cabochons, 12mm Square Blanks, Mosaic Tiles, Laser Cut Acrylic Squares, Tiny Square Stud Earrings, LAK035-12-DMC
4 Ivory Tortoiseshell Earring Stud Blanks, Light Brown Earrings Black Beige White Acetate Square Stud Earrings Resin Tortoise, LAK026-12-ABN
4 Little Square Studs Earring Blanks Acrylic, LAK027-12-UPY
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Half Moon Shapes 20x10 mm, Faux Turtle Shell Cellulose Acetate Earrings Tortoise Cabs Pale Yellow Beads LAK006-20-BT
4 Resin Flatbacks 12mm, DIY Tortoise Shell Stud Earring Blank Discs, Best Seller, Beige Resin Cabs, Pretty Acrylic Findings, LAK038-12-WT
4 Tiny Pearl Pink Flower Bead Caps, 12mm, 1 Hole, Acrylic, Mini Daisy Beads, Ear Stud Pieces
2 Pink Pearl Lotus Flower Beads, Includes 1 Small and 1 Large, 1.5 Inch, Pearl Acrylic Flower Beads
4 Small Light Pink Flower Beads, 18mm, 1 Hole Center Drilled, Bead Caps, Cute Flatbacks for Stud Earrings
4 Small Round Blanks in Black, 10mm, Scrapbooking Embellishment, Circle Earring Stud Findings, Glue On Discs
4 Tiny Pearl White Flower Bead Caps, 1 Hole, Imitation Mother of Pearl, Mini Daisy Bead Caps, For Hair Accessories, Cabochons, Studs, Acrylic, 12mm
2 White Lotus Flower Beads, Includes 1 Small and 1 Large, Pearl Acrylic Flower Beads for Scrapbooking, Embellishment, Studs, Bows, 1.5" Inch
4 Small Cabochons for Earring Blanks, Ash Blonde Tortoise Shell, Round Circle Shape, Great for Studs, 15mm
1 Tortoise Shell Circle Blank, No Holes, Cellulose Acetate, 2.5" Inch
4 Dark Gold Resin Flatbacks 0.5 Inch, November Birthstone Charm, Round Lucite Cabochon, Laser Cut Acrylic Blank Earring Stud, LAK053-12-BR03
4 Emerald Green Resin Flatbacks, 12mm Cabochon Acetate, May Birthstone Stud Earring Blank, Jewel Tones, Flat Circle Blanks, LAK049-12-GN11
4 Dark Blue Resin Flatbacks, 12mm Cabochon Slice, September Birthstone Stud Earring Making, Laser Cut Acrylic Blank Discs, LAK047-12-U05
4 Mint Green Cabochons Domed 20mm, Gold Leaf Foil Resin Flatback, High Dome, DIY Stud Earrings, Holographic Glitter Acrylic, LAK041-20-GN05
4 Black and White Marble Earring Blanks, Tiny Square Studs, Plastic Stud Earrings, Thick Square Blanks, Tortoise Shell Supply, LAK025-12-BW
4 Blonde Tortoise Circles 15mm Round Disc Plain Round Stud Blank Yellow Marble Yellowish Faux Tortoise Shell Earrings Dot Studs LAK016-15-BT
4 Flat Discs in Dark Rainbow Ombre, Flat Round Drops Cellulose Acetate Earrings Blanks Resin Colorful Charms Black Marble Slab LAK013-25-DMC
4 Little Square Studs Earring Blanks Acrylic, Flat Square Beads Black White Studs Tortoise Shell Supply, Beads Picasso Finish LAK024-12-WT
4 Small Half Circle Blanks, No Hole, Black and White Marble, 20 x 10mm
4 White and Black Marble Cabochons Tortoise Shell, Acetate Beads Button Earrings Small Round Blanks for Earrings Tortoise Studs LAK015-15-BW
4 Tortoise Shell Stud Earrings Parts 20x10 mm, Acrylic Tortoise Blanks Earrings Acetate, Half Moon Discs Small Half Circle Stud LAK003-20-TT
4 Tortoise Shell Square Stud Blanks, Tiny Square Studs DIY, Flat Square 12mm, Small Square Earrings Studs Block Earrings Resin, LAK017-12-TT
4 Small Flower Flatbacks in Tortoise Shell with Gold Middles, 18mm, Undrilled, Cute Cabochons

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