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Showing 73 - 85 of 85 products
4 Small Half-Moon Charms, Blue Pink Yellow, Rainbow Studs Earrings Tortoise Shell Jewelry Acetate Acrylic Shapes Tropical Bead LAK023-20-UPY
4 Tortoise Shell Blank Bars without Holes, Cellulose Acetate, 35 x 7mm
4 Ash Blonde Tortoise Shell Bar Blanks, No Holes, Cellulose Acetate, 35 x 7mm
4 Flat Circle Moon Beads, Astronomy Jewelry Cosmos, Lunar Cycle, White Tortoise Shell, Acrylic Marble Charm, Super Moon Cabs LAK012-25-WT
4 Fiery Red Coin Charm 1/2 Inch Disc Thicker Tiny Red Studs Flat Circle Earrings Tortoise Shell Finding Flame Red Orange Marble LAK020-15-FT
4 Red Tortoise Shell Half Round Cabochon 20x10mm, Cellulose Acetate Red Marble Resin Slab Tortoiseshell Earring Half Moon Shape LAK005-20-FT
4 Red Tortoise Shell Earring Blanks for Monogramming, Planet Mars Jewelry Mars Color Shiny Discs Circles Marble Acrylic LAK008-25-FT
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4 Acrylic Tortoise Shell Rectangle Blanks No Hole Bead, Orange Tortoise Pattern, Plastic Blanks Earrings, Wide Rectangle Tags, LAK001-29-TT
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4 Acrylic Tortoise Shell Rectangle Blanks No Hole Be...
4 Mini Square Earrings DIY Studs, Acrylic Tortoise Shell Supply, Leopard Print Small Tile Beads Acetate Jewelry Sandy Yellow LAK018-12-BT
4 White Pearl Flatback Rhinestones, Plastic Square Chips, DIY Studs, 16mm Square Cabochon, Acrylic Earring Blank Findings, LAK043-16-W12
4 White Flat Square Blanks with Small Black Dots, Polka Dot Acetate Jewelry Making Supply, Flatback Resin Stud Earring Blank, LAK040-22-WDOT
4 Tortoise Shell Circles, 16mm Blanks, Flat Circle Stud Earrings, 16mm Cabochons, Thick Discs, Acetate Acrylic Earring Blanks, LAK039-16-TT
4 Tortoiseshell Earrings Findings, Faux Amber Bead Undrilled Mini Stud Earrings DIY Tiny Flat Stud Small Square Blank Laser Cut LAK021-12-FT

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