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Showing 37 - 72 of 85 products
4 Square Flatbacks in Sunkissed Brown, 19 x 19mm, Undrilled, Resin Cabs
4 Small Blue and Purple Ombre Flower Beads, 18mm, 1 Hole Center Drilled, Acrylic Cabs
4 Tiny Blue and Purple Flower Bead Caps, 12mm, 1 Hole, Glittery Acrylic, Mini Daisy Beads
2 Big Flower Beads in Rainbow Colors, 33.5mm, 1 Hole, Multicolored Beads, Super Chunky Cabochons
4 Light Peach Cabochons with Stripes, Undrilled, Round Discs, Pink Resin Flatbacks, 15mm
4 Rainbow Marble Discs, Plastic Laser Cut Acrylic Shapes, Tiny Dot Studs DIY, Flat Disc Studs Earrings Tortoise Shell Findings LAK019-15-DMC
4 Black Resin Flatbacks, 12mm, Cabochons, Phone Case Decorating, Scrapbooking Embellishment, Stud Earring Blanks
2 Lotus Flower Beads, Includes 1 Small and 1 Large, Glitter Acrylic Flower Beads in Purple and Blue, Two Tone Gradients, 1.5" Inch
4 Trapezoid Cabochons in Pale Yellow Marble, Undrilled Blanks, Small Cab Flatbacks, Acetate, 23 x 14.5mm
4 Square Flatbacks in Light Peach with Stripes, Pink and Orange, Undrilled Resin Cabochons, 19 x 19mm
4 Round Cabochons in Light Blue and Blush Pink, Reversible Colors, Resin Cabs for Studs and Embellishment, 15mm
4 Trapezoid Cabochons in Sunkissed Brown, Undrilled Cabochons, Small Cab Flatbacks, Acetate, 16.5 x 10mm
4 Geometric Crown Blanks in Sunkissed Brown, Undrilled Cabochon Embellishment, Square with Curved Arch, Acetate, 19 x 17mm
4 Aquamarine Blue Flatbacks with Gold Iridescence, Undrilled, Flat Resin Cabochons, March Birthstone, DIY Stud Earrings, Acetate, 12mm
4 Pearlized Resin Flatbacks, Shiny Pearl White Cabochons for Scrapbooking Dots and Stud Earrings, Acetate, 12mm
4 Clear Acrylic Flatbacks with Gold Leaf Foil Flakes, 3mm Thick, Small Undrilled Cabochon Blanks, 12mm
4 Moss Green Cabochons, Resin Flatbacks for Studs and Decorating, Acetate, 12mm
4 Clear Acrylic Cabochons with Silver Foil Flakes, 3mm Thick, Small Undrilled Cabs and Flatbacks, 12mm
4 Turquoise Blue Cabochons, Flat Round Slice, Stud Earring Blanks, Resin Slab, Cellulose Acetate, 12mm
28 Resin Flatbacks in a Rainbow Chakra Set, DIY Stud Earring Kit, Craft Supply Cabochons, Cellulose Acetate, 12mm
4 Lemon Yellow Resin Cabochons, Round Blanks, Small Flatbacks, Acetate Plastic, 12mm
4 Pink and Purple Cabochons, Resin Flatbacks with No Holes, Stud Earring Blanks, Acetate Plastic, 12mm
4 Wavy Cabochons in Dusty Rose Pink, High Domed Flatback, Round Cabs, Resin, 20mm
4 Wavy Cabochons in Stone Blue, High Dome, Small Fake Rocks for Mini Fairy Gardens and Zen Gardens, Resin, 20mm
4 Wavy Cabochons in Sage Green, High Dome, Round Cabs Flatbacks, Resin, 20mm
4 Champagne Cabochons with Gold Leaf Flakes, Round Flat Backs, Resin and Holographic Glitter, 20mm
4 Resin Flatbacks with White and Black Polka Dots, Flat Cabochons and Embellishments, Acetate, 22mm
4 Small Teardrop Cabochons in Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 21 x 14.5mm
4 Small Teardrop Blanks, No Hole, Blonde Tortoiseshell, Great for Stud Earring Making, 21 x 14.5mm
4 Chalk White Resin Flatbacks, Undrilled, Opaque White Lucite Cabochons, Stud Earring Findings, Decorations, Board Game Token, LAK054-12-W15
4 Dark Red Ruby Resin Flatbacks, July Birthstone Charms, 12mm Lucite Cabochon Slice, Small Circle Blank Discs without Holes, LAK052-12-RD04
4 Polka Dot Beads, 0.8" Inch, Round Circle Blanks, Inlay Cabochon Slice, Resin Flatback, Scrapbooking Embellishment Findings, LAK051-22-WDOT
4 Orchid Purple Cabochons, Jewel Tone Beads, 12mm Resin Flatbacks, February Birthstone Stud Earring Blanks, Tiny Disc Blanks, LAK050-12-PL08
4 Ballet Pink and White Pearl Resin Flatbacks, 12mm Cabochon, October Birthstone No Hole Disc, Light Pink Stud Earring Blank, LAK048-12-PK15
1 Blonde Tortoise Circle Blanks, No Hole, Large Cabochon Flat Back, Great for Coaster Making, 2.5" Inch
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4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Cabochons, 16mm
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4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Cabochons, 16mm

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