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Showing 1 - 36 of 133 products
4 Black Teardrop Pendants, Lightweight Earring Drops, Acrylic Plastic, 38 x 30mm
4 Light Rose Teardrop Pendants, Real Wood and Resin Beads, Translucent Pink, Color Block, 37 x 28mm
2 Large Teardrop Frame Charms for Earrings, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Acetate, 46 x 33mm
4 Black Teardrop Charms with Silver Foil Flakes, Holographic Glitter and Acrylic, 54.5 x 11mm
4 Teardrop Earring Charms, Resin Tortoise Shell Jewelry Making Supply, Animal Print Bead, Skinny Bar Blanks, Tortoiseshell Bead, TD047-54-TT
4 Teardrop Earring Charms, 54x11mm, Red Tortoise Shell Jewelry Supply, Brown White Acetate Charms, Multicolored Resin Pendant, TD055-54-RD03
4 Long Teardrop Charms, 54x11mm, Acrylic Tortoise Shell Bead, Bell Shape, Blonde Tortoiseshell Earring Component, Resin Pendant, TD060-54-BT
4 Sage Green Teardrop Beads, Laser Cut Acrylic Earring Blanks, Acetate Charms, 1.5" Inch, Tortoise Shell Supply Findings, TD061-37-GN07
4 Wood and Resin Charms with Gold Foil Flecks, 44mm x 7.5mm Long Stick Earring Charm, Dual Design, Real Wood Teardrop Pendant, TD066-44-WDGF
4 Mustard Yellow Resin and Wood Pendants, Teardrop Shape, 2mm Hole, Epoxy Resin and Real Wood Beads, 37 x 28mm
4 Wood and Resin Charms with Silver Foil Flake, 44mm x 7.5mm, Flat Stick Earring Charm, Tear Drop Pendant, Diagonal Angle Cut, TD069-44-WDSF
4 Big Teardrop Earring Charms, Coral Pink Marble, Pear Shaped, Acetate, 40 x 31.5mm
4 Long Teardrop Charms, Creamy Ivory with Gold and Blue Flashes, Nothern Lights Colors, Acetate, 54 x 11mm
4 Large Teardrop Pendants in Purple Acrylic, Silver Glitter and Marble Ripples, Earring Blanks, 33.5 x 28mm
4 Hot Pink Teardrop Pendants, Color Blocked, Bright Pink Charms for Earrings, Real Wood and Resin, 37 x 28mm
4 Long Teardrop Charms in Light Blue and Gold Marble, Van Gogh Style, Acrylic, 54.5 x 11mm
4 Dark Blue Teardrops, Wavy Stripes, Blue Tortoise Shell Beads, Wholesale Acetate Charm, Beachy Earrings, Flat Teardrop Charms, TD036-34-U09
4 Teardrop Pendants with Green Epoxy Resin and Real Wood, 37 x 28mm
4 Teardrop Earring Charms with Gold Foil Flakes, 2" Teardrop Findings, Laser Cut Acrylic Glass, Long Resin Pendant Gold Flecks, TD057-54-CGF
4 Black Teardrop Charms with Gold Foil Flakes, Laser Cut Acrylic, 54.5 x 11mm
4 Large Teardrop Charms with Translucent White, Epoxy Resin and Real Wood Beads, Color Blocked, 37 x 28mm
4 Long Teardrop Charms in Blue Gold Marble, Flat Focal Pendant, Resin Marble Jewelry Findings, Acrylic Pour Earring Blanks, TD052-54-IM05
4 Thin Stick Charms in Light Blue Pink Marble, Extra Long Pendant Dangles, DIY Bridesmaid Earrings, Abstract Earring Parts, TD043-54-IM04
4 Long Pendant Teardrop, Acrylic Earring Blanks, DIY Tortoise Shell Jewelry Supply, Black White Tortoise Earrings Statement, TD042-54-BW
4 Winter Color Jewelry Findings for Earrings, Black White Blue Marble Resin, Acetate Tortoise Shell Bead, DIY Earring Teardrop, TD041-54-U04
4 Skinny Teardrop Earring Supplies, 55 x 11mm, Dark Blue Copper Marble Charms, Long Teardrop Pendant, 2 Inch Teardrop Blank, TD040-54-IM02
4 Large Teardrop Charms in Blue Zebra Print, Striped Marble, Resin Teardrop Cut Out, Blue Leopard, Acrylic Jewelry Findings, TD016-38-USTR
4 Beige Tortoise Shell Beads, Resin Blanks Acrylic Keychain, Narrow Teardrop Tags, Long Teardrop Charm, Tan Tortoise Component, TD010-37-WT
4 Thin Teardrop Charm Beads, Lucite Tortoise Shell Supplies Acrylic Earring Findings, Original Tortoise Pattern, Orange Teardrop TD011-37-TT
4 Mini Paddle Charms in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Tiny Earring Pieces, Plastic Teardrops, Acetate, 17 x 16mm
2 Large Teardrop Charms in Natural Abalone, Multicolored Charms, Mother of Pearl Colored, Acrylic, 38 x 30mm
4 Neon Purple Teardrop Pendants, Cut Out, Transparent Acrylic, Iridescent Plastic Beads, 38 x 30mm
4 Soft Pink Teardrop Pendants, Pastel Acrylic Beads, Plastic Pendants for Earrings, 38 x 30mm
4 Peach Teardrop Pendants, 1 Hole, Coral and Light Pink Beads, Colored Acrylic Plastic Beads, 38 x 30mm
4 Light Purple Teardrop Pendants, 1 Hole, Big Earring Blanks, Acrylic Plastic Beads, 38 x 30mm
4 Dagger Beads in Grey Tortoise Shell, Teardrop Blank Pendants, Acetate Plastic Beads, 36 x 15.5mm

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