Teardrop Shape

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Showing 109 - 124 of 124 products
4 Wide Teardrop Earring Findings, Black and White Stripes Charms, Hollow Teardrop, Goth Stripes, Punk Rock Jewelry Supplies, TD024-38-BWST
4 Marquise Charms in Classic Tortoise Shell, Cut Out Teardrop Earring Pendant, Dagger Bead, Ellipse Charm, Pointy Teardrop Blank TD023-37-TT
4 Large Teardrop Earring Findings, Cellulose Acetate Pendant, Random Color Mix, Rainbow Tortoise Shell Blanks with Hole, TD020-38-RNW
4 Wide Teardrop Pendant, Beige Tortoise Shell Charm, Open Teardrop Hole, Laser Cut Teardrop Cut Out, Acrylic Earring Pendants, TD015-38-ABN
4 Glitter Acrylic Charms, Sparkly Pink Tortoise Shell, Teardrop Cut Out,  Pink Stripes, Peach Beads, Acrylic Earring Findings, TD019-35-PSTR
4 Striped Teardrop Charms, Acrylic Jewelry Findings, Bee Stripes, Honey Bee Beads, Pointy Teardrop, Yellow Teardrop Earrings, TD021-35-YSTR
4 Large Teardrops with Zebra Stripes, Pink Black White, Tortoise Shell Blanks, Fat Teardrop Pink Marble Pendant, Striped Beads TD017-38-PSTR
4 Big Teardrop Pendants in Zebra Tortoise Shell, Sparkly Yellow Zebra Stripe, Yellow Teardrop Cut Out, Transparent Yellow Bead TD022-38-YSTR
4 Flat Teardrop Pendants in Blonde Tortoise Shell, 1 Hole, Cellulose Acetate, 21.5 x 15mm
4 Large Teardrop Shape Charms in Tortoiseshell, Pointy Teardrop, Pear Links, Acrylic Charms Turtle Shell, Double Teardrop Links, TD014-31-TT
4 Flat Teardrop Connector Pear Charm, Rainbow Tortoise Shell Earrings DIY, Cutout Teardrop Frame, Lucite Pendant Loop Links, TD013-31-KMC
4 Small Teardrop Charms, Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 14 x 7mm
4 Marbled Open Teardrops Links 31mm x 22mm, Acrylic Tortoise Shell Connector, Large Teardrop Bead Hole, White Teardrop Flat, TD004-31-WT
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Teardrop Charm 7x14mm, Tiny Teardrop Beads Tortoiseshell Lucite Raindrop Bead Jewellery Making Supplies TD001-14-WT
4 Flat Open Teardrop Bead 38mm, Off Center Hole, Cutout Teardrop with Hole, Black Orange Tortoise Shell Earring Parts Raindrop, TD003-38-TT
2 Dark Tortoise Shell Pendants Acetate Acrylic, Extra Large Links, Hip Hop Earrings, Open Teardrop Links Plastic Tortoise, TD007-46-TT

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