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1ft Matte Blush Pink Chain Links, 24mm, Acrylic, Ultra Smooth, For Lanyard Crafts
1ft Matte Hot Pink Acrylic Chain Links, 24mm, Designer, For Wristlet Handles
4 Hot Pink Teardrop Pendants, Color Blocked, Bright Pink Charms for Earrings, Real Wood and Resin, 37 x 28mm
4 Large Acrylic Circles in Coral Pink Tortoise Shell, Plastic 1.5 Inch Disc Earring Blanks, Orange Pink Beads, Marbled Beads, CN174-35-PK08
2 Half Circle Charms in Comic Ink Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 18mm
2 Wide Crescent Moon Charms, 1.4" Inch, Acrylic Laser Cut Charm, Transparent Purple Bead, Plastic Findings, Half Moon Pendant, CN253-36-PL06
2 Neon Pink Half Circles, 1.4" Inch, Transparent Pink Acrylic Blanks, Necklace Geometric Charms, Monogram Blanks for Vinyl, CN250-36-PK13
4 Thin Stick Charms in Light Blue Pink Marble, Extra Long Pendant Dangles, DIY Bridesmaid Earrings, Abstract Earring Parts, TD043-54-IM04
4 Big Teardrop Earring Charms, Coral Pink Marble, Pear Shaped, Acetate, 40 x 31.5mm
2 Monstera Leaf Charms in Vintage Floral Tortoise Shell, Colorful Flowers, Lightweight Palm Leaf Beads, Large Acrylic Pendant, FW041-28-FL01
2 Dark Blue Monstera Leaf Charms, Laser Cut Leaf Necklace Charms, Van Gogh Earring Supplies, Copper Leaf Bead, Acrylic Shapes, FW029-28-IM02
2 Pink Acetate Charms, Pearlescent Pink Resin Half Circle, Queen Conch, Soft Light Pink Earrings, Acetate Acrylic Half Moon, CN097-37-PK01
4 Straight Rectangle Bar Charms, Blush Pink Marble, Acetate, 36 x 7.5mm
4 Large Teardrop Pendants in Light Peach, Acrylic, 34 x 27.5mm
Large Teardrop Charms in Soft Pink, Great Blanks for Earrings and Keychains, Acrylic, 34 x 27.5mm
1ft Prismatic Hot Pink Chain Links, 23mm, Iridescent, For Gyaru Chain Earrings
2 Two Tone Round Charms with Light Pink Stripes, 35mm, 1 Hole, Acetate Plastic, Large Coin Shape Pendant
2 Geometric Pendants in Soft Pink, 37.5 x 28mm, Diamond Shaped Charm, Laser Cut Acrylic Blanks for Earrings, Jewelry Supply, DX108-37-PK11
1ft Matte Light Pink Plastic Chain Links, 40 x 33mm, Cute Pastels, Super Chunky, Purse Strap Chain Supply
4 Small Triangle Charms in Multicolors, 21.5 x 19mm, 1 Hole, Cute Plastic Beads, Upside Down Triangle
4 Tiny Pearl Pink Flower Bead Caps, 12mm, 1 Hole, Acrylic, Mini Daisy Beads, Ear Stud Pieces
1ft Light Pink Acrylic Chain Links, 23 x 17mm, For Jewelry, Chunky Necklaces and Purse Chain Straps
4 Watercolor Tortoise Shell Earring Charms, Dreamy Colors, Soft Pastel Color Blanks for Vinyl, Extra Large Teardrop Blanks, TD033-38-MC05
1ft Matte Neon Pink Chain Links, 27 x 16mm, Ultra Smooth, Plastic Chain for Necklaces and Bracelets
4 Rectangle Bar Charms in Cherry Blossom, 36 x 7.5mm, 1 Hole, Plastic Beads, Earring Making
2 Ring Beads in Light Blue and Nude Pink, 29mm, 1 hole, Acetate Plastic Beads, Reversible
4 Colorful Oval Connectors, 26.5 x 14mm, 2 Holes, Plastic, Cute Rainbow Bead Links, Flat Oval Blanks
2 Dainty Leaf Charms with Vintage Flower Pattern, 28.25 x 24.5mm
2 Pink Pearl Lotus Flower Beads, Includes 1 Small and 1 Large, 1.5 Inch, Pearl Acrylic Flower Beads
4 Small Light Pink Flower Beads, 18mm, 1 Hole Center Drilled, Bead Caps, Cute Flatbacks for Stud Earrings
4 Neon Pink Charms, 35mm, 1 Hole, Acrylic Beads, Big Round Blanks, Flat Circle Discs
2 Matte Pink Ginkgo Leaf Charms, Cute Kawaii Pastel Colors, Acrylic, 44.5 x 33mm

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