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Showing 109 - 144 of 732 products
1ft Matte Turquoise Green Plastic Chain Links, 40mm, Extra Large, For Chunky Necklaces
1ft Matte Terracotta Brown Chain Links, 24mm, Acrylic, Chunky Plastic Twists for Jewelry
4 Olive Green Ear Studs with Hole, Metal Posts, DIY Earring Crafts and Jewelry, Acrylic, 14mm
1ft Large Matte Neon Pink Acrylic Chain Links, 30mm, For Festival Accessories
1ft Blood Stained Acrylic Chain Links, 30mm, Clear with Red Paint Splatter, For Vampire Cosplay Costumes
1ft Frosted Yellow Plastic Chain Links, 19mm, Matte Acrylic, Small Connectors
1ft Succulent Green Acrylic Chain Links, 25mm, Flat Oval Cable, Light Pastel Colored
1ft Extra Large Tortoise Shell Chain Links, 54mm, Chunky Acrylic, Brown Leopard Print Spots
1ft Tortoise Shell Chain with Small Paperclip Links, 20mm, For Earring Connectors
1ft Frosted Black Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, Dyed, For Wristlets and Watch Band Straps
1ft Big Acrylic Chain Links in Carrara Marble, 38mm, White Gray Marble, Raised Curb
1ft Clear Acrylic Chain Links, 28mm, Transparent, For Lanyards and Glasses Chain
1ft Glitter Acrylic Chain Links in Hot Pink, 23mm, Transparent, Craft Supplies
1ft Clear Acrylic Chain Links, Flared Oval Cable Chain, Linking Rings, Transparent Plastic, 27 x 19.5mm
1ft Pure White Acrylic Chain Links, 31mm, Bulky, Decorative Chain
1ft Glitter Acrylic Chain Links in Ice Blue, 23mm, Transparent, Sparkly and Shiny
1ft Ethereal Coral Red Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, Translucent, J-Fashion Decora Kei
1ft Light Pink Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, Transparent Plastic Glass, Sweet Kawaii
2 Large Crescent Moons in Light Blue with Gold and Dark Blue Marbling, Single Sided, Acrylic, 36 x 32.75mm
1ft Frosted Coral Orange Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, For Clog Shoe Chains
1ft Frosted Orange Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, For Do It Yourself Sunglass Chains
1ft Large Opal Clear Acrylic Chain Links, 40mm, Iridescent, Cute Kawaii, Jewelry Findings
1ft Frosted Black Plastic Chain Links, 31mm, Matte, Dark Gray Colored, For Crafts
1ft Frosted Ballet Pink Chain Links, 31mm, Matte Acrylic, Chunky Oval Cable
1ft Hot Pink Acrylic Chain Links, 31mm, Big Ovals, For Earring Connectors
1ft Frosted Hot Pink Chain Links, 31mm, Matte, Japan Fashion, For Gyaru Necklaces
4 Maroon Red Teardrop Pendants, Blanks for Earring Pieces, Acrylic Plastic, 38 x 30mm
2 Trapezoid Pendants in Watercolor Marble, Paddle Beads, Acrylic, 39 x 20mm
1ft Ombre Pink and Yellow Acrylic Chain Links, 31mm, Transparent, Two Tone Colors
2 Monstera Charms in Blue and Gold Marble, Palm Tree Leaf Shape, Acrylic, 28 x 25mm
1ft Tortoise Shell Acrylic Chain Links, 24mm, Thick, Oval Cable Connectors
1ft Champagne Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, Translucent Yellow Orange, Costume Jewelry
2 Multicolored Half Circle Charms, Acetate Material, 37 x 33.5mm
1ft Teal Blue Acrylic Chain Links, 24mm, Translucent, Marble, Colored Curb Chain
1ft Matte Mint Green Acrylic Chain Links, 28mm, Craft and Jewelry Supply Items
1ft Matte Hot Pink Acrylic Chain Links, 28mm, For Do It Yourself Crafts

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