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Showing 37 - 72 of 749 products
1ft Opal Clear Acrylic Chain Links, Iridescent AB Effect, Kawaii, Chunky Cable Chain, 38 x 22.5mm
1ft Matte Light Blue Plastic Chain Links, Great for Chunky Necklaces, 28 x 20mm
1ftT Matte Kiwi Green Acrylic Chain Links, Lime Green Chain, Chunky Chain for Glasses, Purses and Jewelry Making, 24 x 17mm
Frosted Acrylic Chain Links 1ft, Matte Clear Plastic Chain, Great for Purses and Bags, 31 x 18.5mm
Frosted Acrylic Chain Links 1ft, Chunky Curb Chain, Matte Crystal, 24 x 17mm
Imperial Red Plastic Chain 1ft, 35 x 20mm, Chunky Acrylic Purse Chain, Large Oval Cable Chain, Lightweight Acrylic Chain Link, CH081-35-RD08
Red Amber Plastic Chain Links 1ft, 23 x 17mm, Acrylic Tortoise Shell Chain, Translucent Chain, Chunky Curb Chain, CH078-23-RD09
Chalk White Acrylic Chain Links 1ft, 24 x 17mm, Chunky Chain Findings, Oval Chain, Cuban Chain Necklace, Jewelry Making Supply, CH068-24-W17
Lime Green Acrylic Chain Links 1ft, 23mm x 17mm, Loose Open Link Curb Chain, Big Plastic Chain, Replacement Purse Chain Strap, CH047-23-GN10
Cobalt Blue Plastic Chain Links 1ft, 23 x 17mm, Loose Link Open, Large Acrylic Chain Kawaii, Chunky Purse Chain Strap Findings, CH037-23-U16
Frosted Acrylic Chain 1ft, 13 x 9mm, Closed Chain Links, Matte White Crystal, Oval Cable Chain Pre Linked, Sea Glass Color, CH032-13-W10
Honey Amber Plastic Chain, 1ft, 30 x 22mm, Cuban Link Necklace, Apricot Orange Designer Chain, Red Acrylic Purse Chain Handle, CH095-30-OG06
Pale Brown Chunky Chain 1ft , Plastic Chain Link Necklace Acrylic Purse Handle Chain Twist Chain Links Resin Handbag Chain Strap CH016-30-LB
1ft Cararra Marble Plastic Chain Links, White and Light Grey Marble, Chunky Big Chain, Flat Twist Curbs, 23 x 17mm
Mint Green Acrylic Chain Links 1ft, 23 x 17mm, Seafoam Green Chain, Large Plastic Chain Necklace, Lucite Resin Purse Chain, CH040-23-GN08
10 Large Oval Tortoise Shell Links 20x25mm, Brown Orange Acrylic Findings, Closed Connector Vintage Tortoise Shell Connector, VG002-25-AM
1ft Matte Neon Pink Chain Links, Fluorescent Bright Colors, Pop and Oshare Kei, Acrylic, 24 x 17mm
1ft Matte Neon Orange Chain Links, Costume Jewelry Making for Bracelets and Necklaces, Plastic, 24 x 17mm
1ft Ethereal Frost Blue Acrylic Chain Links, Semi-Translucent Plastic, Fairy and Decora Kei, 23 x 17mm
1ft Opal Clear Acrylic Chain Links, Holographic Rainbow, Iridescent AB Effect, Oval Linking Rings, 25 x 18.5mm
1ft Frosted Ruby Red Acrylic Chain Links, Miami Cuban Links, Matte Transparent Plastic, 23 x 17mm
1ft Frosted Hunter Green Chain Links, Matte Transparent, Curb Links, Acrylic, 23 x 17mm
1ft Frosted Hot Pink Plastic Chain Links, Matte Transparent, Miami Cuban Link Chain Style, 23 x 17mm
1ft Bright Orange Plastic Chain Links, Cable Chain for Wallets, Jewelry and Purses, Opaque Acrylic, 31 x 19mm
1ft Opal Clear Plastic Chain Links, Color Changing Iridescent Rainbow, AB Effect, Transparent Acrylic, 30 x 21mm
4 Black Teardrop Pendants, Lightweight Earring Drops, Acrylic Plastic, 38 x 30mm
1ft Cherry Red Acrylic Chain Links, Clear Transparent Plastic, Chunky Chain with Cable Links, 31 x 19mm
1ft Hot Pink Acrylic Chain Links, Clear Transparent Plastic, Large Chunky Chain, 31 x 19mm
1ft Ombre Green and Yellow Acrylic Chain Links, Transparent Plastic Chain, Chunky Cable Chain, 31 x 19mm
1ft Succulent Green Plastic Chain Links, Pastel Colored Acrylic, Light Green Chain, 23 x 17mm
4 Turquoise Green Stud Earring Blanks, Colored Acrylic with Marbling, 16mm
1ft Matte Blush Pink Acrylic Chain Links, 28 x 20mm
1ft Matte Orange Plastic Chain Links, Neon Orange, 28 x 20mm
1ft Purple Acrylic Chain Links, Twisted Cuban Link Connectors, 24 x 17mm
Opal White Acrylic Chain Links, 1ft, Chunky Curb Chain, 29 x 21mm
Navy Blue Acrylic Chain 1ft, 35x20mm, Oval Cable Chain by Foot, Handbag Chain Strap, Chunky Plastic Chain Link, Ships from US, CH086-35-U20

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