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2 Metallic Dark Gold Trapezoid, Cracked Marble, Black Gold Acrylic Shapes, Antique Gold Pendant, Mosaic Tortoise Shell Charm, DX045-37-GD01
Sale price$3.82 Regular price$4.50
2 Metallic Dark Gold Trapezoid, Cracked Marble, Blac...
2 Transparent Acrylic Rectangle Ring, Clear Acrylic Pendant, Transparent Gold Flakes, Rectangle Frame, Clear Plastic Charms, DX044-50-CGF
2 Orange Snakeskin Half Circle Findings, Rounded Beads Animal Print, Half Moon Pendant, Gold Glitter Acrylic Earring Blanks, CN208-37-OG03
2 Light Brown Leopard Print Beads, Cheetah Print Pendants, Fashion Bead Charms, Printed Acrylic Blanks, Lucite Jewelry Supply, CN196-37-LP01
4 Brown Leopard Print Charms, Trendy Animal Print Beads, 30mm Large Acrylic Circle Blanks for Vinyl, Beige Leopard Pattern, CN192-30-LP04
4 Black Acrylic Circle Blanks with Red Confetti Glitter, Big Sparkly Red Glitter Resin Bead, Black Tortoise Shell Circle 35mm, CN188-35-BKRF
2 Animal Print Earring Findings, Jaguar Print Beads, Brown Leopard Pattern Jewelry, Cheetah Pattern, Large Flat Circle Discs, CN180-37-LP03
2 Large Black Half Circle Pendant Blank with Gold Foil Flakes, Gold Glitter Acrylic Charm, Monogramming Blank, One Sided Charm, CN179-37-BKGF
2 Clear Acrylic Half Circle Discs, Silver Foil Leaf Flakes, Transparent Acrylic, Designer Charms, 37 x 18mm
4 Clear Acrylic Circles, 15mm Disc, Transparent Acrylic Disc Clear, Lucite Charm, Acrylic Keychain, Acrylic Earring Blank Parts, CN135-15-CLR
4 Tan Leopard Print Beads, Animal Print, Cheetah Print, Leopard Spots Earring Supplies, Flat Acrylic Discs, Necklace Blanks, CN119-30-LP02
4 Brown Leopard Print Charms, Thin Flat Disc, Animal Print, Monogram Blank, Printed Acrylic Earring Blank, Smooth Flat Circle, CN104-30-LP01
4 Clear Acrylic Blanks with Silver Flakes, Silver Glitter Acrylic, Clear Silver Foil, Dangle Earring Parts, Rectangle Bar, BAR039-36-CSF
4 Gold Flake Resin Pendants, Gold Glitter Acrylic Shape, Clear Bar Pendant, Gold Flecks, Laser Cut Rectangle, Clear Gold Foil, BAR033-36-CGF
4 Dark Blue Striped Beads, Glittery Acrylic Circles, Plastic Round Blanks, Neptune Planet, Keychain Blanks, Flat Circle Discs, CN062-35-USTR
4 Glitter Acrylic Circle Blanks in Pink Zebra Print, Black Stripes, 35mm
2 Cutout Circle Beads in Blue Zebra Print, Circle Cut Outs, Three Quarter Circles, Blue Tortoise Shell, Acrylic Circle Blank CN061-37-USTR
4 Glitter Acrylic Charms, Sparkly Pink Tortoise Shell, Teardrop Cut Out,  Pink Stripes, Peach Beads, Acrylic Earring Findings, TD019-35-PSTR
4 Striped Teardrop Charms, Acrylic Jewelry Findings, Bee Stripes, Honey Bee Beads, Pointy Teardrop, Yellow Teardrop Earrings, TD021-35-YSTR
4 Large Teardrops with Zebra Stripes, Pink Black White, Tortoise Shell Blanks, Fat Teardrop Pink Marble Pendant, Striped Beads TD017-38-PSTR
4 Big Teardrop Pendants in Zebra Tortoise Shell, Sparkly Yellow Zebra Stripe, Yellow Teardrop Cut Out, Transparent Yellow Bead TD022-38-YSTR
2 Clear Plastic Bead with Gold Flakes, Clear Gold Foil, Laser Cut Acrylic Earring Finding Acetate Transparent Acrylic Oval Ring VG029-50-CGF
2 Transparent Clear Acrylic Blanks, Clear Silver Foil, 2 Inch Oval Charm, Plexiglass Earrings, Glitter Acrylic Silver Leaf, VG028-50-CSF
1ft Extra Large Clear Acrylic Chain Links, 40mm, For Chunky Necklaces and Bags
2 Clear Acrylic Charms with Silver Foil Flakes, Transparent, Designer Charms, 44.5mm
4 Large Oval Ring Connectors in Black Marble, Acrylic Plastic O-Rings, 37 x 18mm
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4 Small Acrylic Circle Discs 15 mm, Faux Tortoise Shell Supply, Warm Colors Bead, Red Orange Tortoise Discs Lentil Acrylic Shape CN026-15-FT
Sale price$3.40 Regular price$4.00
4 Small Acrylic Circle Discs 15 mm, Faux Tortoise Sh...
4 White Gray Marble Pendant, 30mm Ring Links, Necklace Circle Ring Acrylic, Grey Swirl Beads, Circle Links, White Marble Charms RG037-31-GWM

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