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Showing 1 - 36 of 158 products
1ft Matte Neon Yellow, Chain Links, 27 x 16mm, Ultra Smooth, Plastic Chain for Necklaces and Bracelets
2 Pale Yellow Rectangle Rings, 50 x 21.5mm, Acetate Plastic, Flat Rectangle Sliders, Purse Hardware
4 Small Triangle Charms in Multicolors, 21.5 x 19mm, 1 Hole, Cute Plastic Beads, Upside Down Triangle
1ft Iridescent Pale Yellow Acrylic Chain Links, 35 x 20mm, Translucent Yellow Plastic Chain, Thick Oval Cable
4 Rectangle Bar Charms in Toffee, 36 x 7.5mm, 1 Hole, Plastic Yellow Beads, Translucent
4 Neon Yellow Charms, 35mm, 1 Hole, Acrylic Beads, Big Round Disc Charms
1ft Small Matte Pastel Acrylic Chain Links, 19mm, Mixed Colors, Kawaii Rainbow
4 Neon Yellow Earring Blanks, 14mm, 1 Hole, Acrylic Earring Posts, Circle Stud Earring, Ear Stud Base, Y2K Kandicore, 14mm
4 Butterscotch Orange Oval Charms, Colored Acrylic Beads, Flat Tags for Earrings and Keychains, 44 x 21.5mm
1ft Ivory Acrylic Chain Links, 35mm, Translucent, Chunky Ovals for Jewelry
4 Yellow Stud Earrings with Holes, Small Round Circle Ear Studs with Post, Bright Acrylic, 14mm
1ft Large Matte Neon Yellow Acrylic Chain Links, 30mm, For Cyberpunk and Cosplay
4 Vertical Bar Charms in Unicorn with Blue, Pink and Yellow, Flat Rectangle, Acetate Plastic Beads, 36 x 7.5mm
2 Half Circle Charms with Red and Yellow Highlights, Clear with Black Lines, Acetate Plastic, 36 x 33.5mm
4 Thin Bar Charms in Toffee, 1 Hole, Translucent Yellow Charms, Flat Rectangle Stick Beads, Acetate, 35 x 5.25mm
1ft Matte Pastel Chain Links, 23mm, Acrylic Twists, Mixed Colors, Kawaii Rainbow
1ft Matte Neon Chain Links, 24mm, Assorted Mixed Colors, 90s Kidcore Kandicore
Cellulose Acetate Sheet in Gilded, 19.8 x 8 Inch, 2.5mm Thick, Golden Yellow, Plastic Material Blanks for Laser Machines and CNC Routers
Cellulose Acetate Sheet in Street Racing, 19.8 x 8 Inch, 2.5mm Thick, Neon Yellow with Black Streaks, Raw Material for Pickguards and Laser Machines
4 Neon Yellow Round Circle Charms, 1 Hole, Transparent, Flat Disc Pendants, Acrylic, 35mm
4 Thin Stick Charms in Light Blue, Pink and Yellow, Flat Rectangle, Multicolored, Acetate Plastic, 35 x 5.25mm
2 Neon Yellow Half Circle Charms, Transparent, Flat Half Round Discs, Acrylic, 30 x 15mm
4 Trapezoid Cabochons in Pale Yellow Marble, Undrilled Blanks, Small Cab Flatbacks, Acetate, 23 x 14.5mm
4 Thin Bar Charms in Blonde Tortoise Shell, 1 Hole, Flat Rectangle Drops, Craft and Jewelry, 35 x 4.5mm
1ft Frosted Yellow Plastic Chain Links, 19mm, Matte Acrylic, Small Connectors
2 Small Leaf Charms in Dark Moody Colors, 1 Hole, Acetate Plastic, 29 x 26mm
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Heart Charms, Cute Pieces, Small Jewelry Supplies, Acetate Plastic, 19.5 x 17mm
1 Blonde Tortoise Shell Ring, Large Flat O-Rings for Purse Hardware, Swimsuit Ring Connectors, Acetate, 2.9" Inch
4 Short Bar Charms in Multicolored Tortoise Shell, Tiny Flat Rectangle Drops, Acetate, 25 x 4.25mm
4 Thin Bar Charms in Light Blue, Pink and Yellow, Straight Vertical Bar Pendants, Earring Sticks, Acetate, 35 x 5.25mm
2 Trapezoid Charms in Yellow Zebra Print, Black Stripes, Flared Rectangle, Acrylic, 37 x 19mm
4 Small Ring Links in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Mini Round Circle Charms, Acetate, 14mm
1ft Yellow Chain Links, 27mm, Transparent Acrylic, Oval Cable Connectors, Crafts
1ft Matte Yellow Acrylic Chain Links, 27mm, Ultra Smooth, For Pastel Aesthetic
1ft Frosted Tuscan Yellow Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, Matte, Jewelry Making Supply
2 Semi Circle Pendants with Colorful Floral Patterns, Green, Purple, Yellow and White, Large Plastic Beads, Cellulose Acetate, 36.5 x 33.5mm

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