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Showing 1 - 36 of 66 products
2 Acrylic Laser Cut Hexagon Pendant, Multicolor Tortoise Shell, Plastic Colorful Rings, Cellulose Acetate Charm, Linking Rings, DX071-45-DMC
2 Huge Ring Connector in Multicolor Tortoiseshell, Rainbow Link Acetate, Marble Resin Hoop, Extra Large Circle Ring Round Links RG020-47-KMC
4 Multicolor Tortoise Shell Cabochons, 12mm Square Blanks, Mosaic Tiles, Laser Cut Acrylic Squares, Tiny Square Stud Earrings, LAK035-12-DMC
4 Two-Hole Connector Rings, Multi Color Tortoise Shell Hoop Pendant, Circle Links Tortoise Earrings Acetate, Color Block Beads, RG043-25-DMC
4 Colorful Marble Oval Connectors with 1mm Hole, Closed Rings Small Oval Charm Acrylic Chain Links, Top Drilled Beads Tropical, VG012-30-DMC
4 Colorful Connector Rings 20mm, Rainbow Marble Donut Beads, Small Ring Links Middle Hole, Flat Edge Ring Resin Multicolor, RG016-20-KMC
2 Palm Leaf Earring Charms, Tropical Leaf Beads, Monstera Plant, Jungle Leaves, Pink Monstera Dangles, Colorful Tortoise Shell, FW028-30-KMC
4 Small Hexagon Charms, Rainbow Acrylic Earring Blanks, Flat Colorful Acrylic Discs, Pretty Tortoise Shell Jewelry Supplies, DX084-17-KMC
2 Cutout Rectangle Charms in Rainbow Tortoise Shell, Colorful Tortoise Findings, Rectangle Dangle, Jewelry Terrazzo Beads DX031-50-DMC
2 Large Connector Rings, Colorful Resin Shapes, O-Ring, Large Circle Links, Clear Acetate Charms, Tortoise Shell Supply, RG046-40-KMC
4 Large Round Pendants, Acetate Pendant Tortoise Shell Supply, Dark Marble Resin, Acrylic Drops, Colorful Tortoise Findings, CN035-35-DMC
4 Flat Teardrop Connector Pear Charm, Rainbow Tortoise Shell Earrings DIY, Cutout Teardrop Frame, Lucite Pendant Loop Links, TD013-31-KMC
4 Colorful Ring Links 20mm, Water Marble Multicolor Tortoise Shell Findings, Flat Edge Rings Beads Hoop Links Closed Jump Rings RG024-20-DMC
2 Large Rectangle Pendants in Multicolor Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 50 x 21.5mm
4 Tiny Triangle Drop, 12mm Triangle Disc, Colorful Small Triangle Charm Tortoise Shell Bead Blank Rainbow Marble Resin Pour TR002-12-KMC
4 Marble Oval Rings Closed, 33mm Oval Beads, Hollow Circle Charm, Oval Circle Connectors Colorful Plastic, Acrylic Chain Links, VG003-32-KMC
Colorful Butterfly Stud Earrings with Gold Bezel, 1 Pair, Big and Chunky, Cute Post Studs
4 Colorful Oval Connectors, 26.5 x 14mm, 2 Holes, Plastic, Cute Rainbow Bead Links, Flat Oval Blanks
2 Big Flower Beads in Rainbow Colors, 33.5mm, 1 Hole, Multicolored Beads, Super Chunky Cabochons
4 Multicolored Oval Ring Connectors, Undrilled, Rainbow Beads, Macrame Loops, Acetate Plastic, 33 x 22mm
4 Oval Charm Beads in Rainbow Multicolored, 1 Hole, Plastic Round Discs, Cellulose Acetate, 25 x 14.5mm
4 Small Hexagon Charm Beads in Multicolor, Rainbow Geometric Shapes, Cellulose Acetate, 17.25 x 15.5mm
4 Short Bar Charms in Multicolored Tortoise Shell, Tiny Flat Rectangle Drops, Acetate, 25 x 4.25mm
2 Rainbow Tortoise Shell Ring Connectors, Plastic O Ring Links for Purse Straps, Swimsuits and Jewelry Necklaces, 1.8" Inch
2 Rainbow Half Circle Charms, Multi Colored Beads, Acetate, 32 x 16mm
2 Rainbow Half Circle Links, Earring Drop Links, Jewelry Components, Acetate, 32 x 16mm
4 Round Circle Connectors in Multicolored Tortoise Shell, 2 Holes, Cellulose Acetate, 20mm
4 Tiny Half Circle Earring Charms, 0.5" Inch, Multicolor Tortoise Shell Bead, Wholesale Acetate Charm, Colorful Charms in Bulk, HC026-11-KMC
4 Thin Ring Connectors, 1.1" Inch, Multicolor Tortoise Shell Links, Colorful Resin Charms for Earrings, Rainbow Plastic Beads, RG091-27-KMC
4 Oval Loop Connectors, Multicolor Tortoise Shell Findings, Flat Oval Rings, Thin Oval Link, Acetate Charm, Rainbow Connectors, VG037-35-DMC
2 Skinny Triangle Blanks, Multicolor Tortoise Shell Bead, Thin Dainty Triangle Charm, Colorful Plastic Charm Geometric Earring, TR023-42-KMC
4 Tiny Hexagon Charms, 12mm Disc Blanks, Laser Cut Acrylic Shapes, Stud Earring Supplies, Rainbow Tortoise Shell Beads, DX083-12-DMC
2 Wedge Beads, Multicolor Tortoise Shell Acrylic Earring Findings, Pie Shape, Cellulose Acetate Charms, Rainbow Drop Charms, CN168-34-KMC
4 Small Acrylic Circle Blanks, Colorful Tortoise Shell Supply, Stud Acetate Earring Supplies, Resin Disks, Small Circle Charms, CN094-15-KMC

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