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Showing 1 - 36 of 180 products
Matte Black Plastic Chain Links 1ft, 23x17mm, Frosted Black Chain Hardware, Coated Acrylic Cuban Chain, Bulk Bag Chain Strap, CH062-23-BK07
Black Acrylic Chain 1ft 13mm x 9mm, Closed Chain Links Small Plastic Chain Links Chunky Chain Ovals Black Plastic Jewelry Chain, CH020-13-BK
Black Plastic Chain Links 1ft, 24mm x 17mm Split Links, Acrylic Chain Bulky, Flat Curb Chain Twisted Links Oval Open Link Chain CH006-24-BK
4 Black Teardrop Pendants, Lightweight Earring Drops, Acrylic Plastic, 38 x 30mm
2 Black Glitter Resin Pendants with Gold Foil Leaf Flakes, Oval Ring Link Sparkle Bead, Black Tortoise Shell Necklace Pendant, VG045-49-BKGF
4 Black Stud Earring Parts 12mm, Small Black Acrylic Earring Blank, Resin Earring Findings Supply, Simple Ear Stud with Hole, EAR079-12-BK04
4 Solid Black Studs for Earring Making, Plastic Stud Earring Blanks, Ear Stud Findings, Shiny Black Acrylic Earring Parts, EAR065-14-BK04
2 Half Circle Links with Two Holes, Black and White Marble, Cellulose Acetate, 29 x 13.75mm
1ft Matte White Acrylic Chain with Blak Splatter, Spray Painted, Large Curb Twists, Plastic, 28 x 20mm
1ft Frosted Black Plastic Chain Links, Matte Transparent, Chunky Chain, Dark Gray Acrylic, 31 x 19mm
4 Black Teardrop Charms with Silver Foil Flakes, Holographic Glitter and Acrylic, 54.5 x 11mm
1ft Black Marble Acrylic Chain Links, Curb Chain with Twisted Connectors, 23 x 17mm
9ft Black Plastic Chain, 18x13mm, Acrylic Chain with Shiny Black Chain Links, Chunky Chain, Large Purse Chain Jewelry Making, CH019-18-BK-9
Glossy Black Acrylic Chain Links 1ft, 40mm x 33mm, Plastic Chain, Cuban Link Chain, Purse Handle Strap, Big Statement Necklace, CH033-40-BK
2 Large Flat Circle Discs, Black and White Stripe Beads, Cellulose Acetate Pendant, Emo Jewelry, Circle Cutout, Goth Stripes, CN091-37-BWST
1ft Matte Black Chain Links, Ultra Smooth, Rubberized Plastic, Oval Cable Connectors, Acrylic, 27 x 16mm
1ft Frosted Black Acrylic Chain Links, Dyed, Chain for Jewelry, Wristlets and Watch Band Straps, 23 x 17mm
Cellulose Acetate Sheet in Meteor, 19.6 x 8 Inch, 2.5mm Thick, Shiny Black Pearl, Dark Gray Marble, Flexible Plastic for Laser and Engraving
1ft Matte Black Chain Links, Cuban Links for Mens and Womens Jewelry, Acrylic Chain, 24 x 17mm
1ft Matte Black Acrylic Chain Links, Cable Chain for Jewelry, Bag Straps and Necklaces, Satin Finish, Plastic, 31 x 19mm
1 Large Black Ring, Round Connectors for Purse Hardware, Swimswuit Rings, Bikini Tops and Macrame, Acetate Plastic, 2.75" Inch
2 Black Oval Charms with Blue Foil Flakes, Sparkly Glitter Acrylic, 49.5 x 44mm
4 Black Acrylic Pendants with Mineral Blue and Silver Glitter Foil Flakes, Round Circle, Acrylic, 35mm
4 Black Teardrop Charms with Gold Foil Flakes, Laser Cut Acrylic, 54.5 x 11mm
2 Half Moon Charms with Zebra Stripes, Black and Gray, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 18mm
2 Flat Circle Blanks in Brush Stroke Tortoise Shell, 37 x 33mm, Clear Acrylic Earring Pieces, Large Half Circle Acetate Charm, HC003-37-BW02
4 Black Acrylic Circles with Gold Foil Flakes, 35mm, Gold Flecked Earring Blank Findings, Plastic Discs, Glitter Resin Charms, CN260-35-BKGF
4 Large Acrylic Pendants with Purple Glitter, 1.4" Inch, Black Circle 35mm, Monogram Blanks, Tortoise Shell Supply Findings, CN257-35-BKPF
2 Black Half Circle Beads, 37x33.5mm, Monogram Beads for Vinyl, Geometric Pendant, Flat Round Disc Charms, 1.5" Inch Circle, CN244-37-BK04
4 Rectangle Bar Charms, White and Black Polka Dots, Cellulose Acetate, 36 x 7.5mm
4 Long Pendant Teardrop, Acrylic Earring Blanks, DIY Tortoise Shell Jewelry Supply, Black White Tortoise Earrings Statement, TD042-54-BW
4 Winter Color Jewelry Findings for Earrings, Black White Blue Marble Resin, Acetate Tortoise Shell Bead, DIY Earring Teardrop, TD041-54-U04
4 Connector Rings, Black and White Tortoise Shell Link, Resin Tortoise Bead, Bracelet Link, Donut Ring Link, Circle Ring 2 Holes, RG072-25-BW
2 Black Snakeskin Rectangle Beads, Faux Snake Skin, Silver Metallic Snakeskin Print, Vertical Pendant Alligator Print, DX085-39-BK05
2 Polka Dot Beads, Chunky Earring Component, Cellulose Acetate Charm, White Black Dots, Plastic Jewelry Part, 2 Inch Rectangle, DX076-50-WDOT

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