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Showing 73 - 108 of 147 products
2 Ivory White Angel Wing Charms, Cream Fairy Wing Earring Components, Fan Shape, Guardian Angel Wing Pendant Necklace, XY017-35-W05
2 Creamy White Acetate Charms, Large Rectangle Charm, Rectangle Frame, Off-White Lucite Beads, Ivory Tortoise Shell Supply, DX050-50-W05
2 Creamy White Half Circle Necklace Blanks, Pearl Acetate Acrylic Earring Blanks, Ivory Tortoise Earrings, Beige Tortoise Shell, CN106-37-W05
4 Wide Teardrop Pendant, Beige Tortoise Shell Charm, Open Teardrop Hole, Laser Cut Teardrop Cut Out, Acrylic Earring Pendants, TD015-38-ABN
4 Small Circle Charms in Light Tortoise Shell, Light Beige Beads, Tortoise Acetate Jewelry Findings, CN036-15-ABN
4 Tortoise Bead Charms, Flat Round Circles,  Small Discs, White Black Marble Earrings Tortoiseshell, Acetate Tortoise Pendant, CN046-15-WT
2 Large Half Circle Pendants, Ivory and Charcoal Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 18mm
2 Inverted Triangle Pendants, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Big Triangle Drop Charms for Earrings, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 32mm
2 Flat Rectangle Rings, Ivory Tortoise Shell, DX014-50-ABN
4 Ivory Tortoise Shell Pendants, White Acetate Charms, Donut Bead, Large Loop Connector, Round Ring Link, Medium Circle Pendant, RG040-29-WT
2 Large Wavy Disc Charms, Blonde Tortoisehsell, Cellulose Acetate, 34mm
2 Large Hoop Pendant, Lucite Acrylic Earrings, Dirty White Brown Marble, Big Chunky Beads, Oval Links Resin, Beige Charms, VG023-49-WBS
4 Oval Connector Charms, 33mm x 20mm, Closed Jump Ring Loops, Plastic Acetate Chain Link, White Tortoise Shell Jewelry Findings, VG047-33-WT
4 Small Teardrop Blanks, No Hole, Blonde Tortoiseshell, Great for Stud Earring Making, 21 x 14.5mm
1 Blonde Tortoise Circle Blanks, No Hole, Large Cabochon Flat Back, Great for Coaster Making, 2.5" Inch
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4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Cabochons, 16mm
Sale price$3.65 Regular price$4.30
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Cabochons, 16mm
2 Cross Pendants for Women and Men, Dainty Small Cross Charm Bulk, Ivory Tortoise Shell, Jesus Christ, Religious Jewelry Supply, DX105-25-WT
4 Acetate Charms in Antique White Tortoise Shell, Round Earring Blank Pieces, Flat Discs with 1 Hole, Jewelry Making Supply, CN285-13-WT03
1 Huge Circle Pendant in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Acetate, 2.5" Inch
4 Mini Half Circle Charms, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Eco Friendly Acetate, 11.5 x 11.5mm
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2 Blonde Tortoise Shell Beads with Fretwork Cut Outs, 1mm Hole, Cellulose Acetate Charms, Boho Chandelier Earring Findings, XY018-52-WT
Sale price$5.95 Regular price$7.00
2 Blonde Tortoise Shell Beads with Fretwork Cut Outs...
2 White Tortoise Shell Pendant, Acetate Acrylic Earring Blanks, Tornado Charm, Hurricane Pendant, Monogramming Blanks Oval, XY014-46-WT
2 Fairy Wing Charms in Blonde Tortoiseshell, Cellulose Acetate, Great for Earring Jackets, 35.5 x 30mm
4 Free Form Pendants in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Organic Shape, Irregular Oval Earring Charm, Acetate, 41 x 20mm
4 Thin Triangle Charms, Open Triangle Ring Connector Link, Light Tortoise Shell Earring Findings, Geometric Dangle Earring Part, TR024-39-WT
4 Big Teardrop Bead White Tortoise Shell, 38mm Vintage Tortoise Acrylic Blanks Mottled Beads Plastic Blond Tortoise Charm, TD046-38-WT
2 Donut Pendants in Blonde Tortoise Shell, 4mm Thick Open Rings, Big Hole Beads, Acrylic Jewelry Supply, Lucite Washer Charm, RG078-35-WT
1 Large O Rings in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Connectors for Purse Hardware, Bikinis and Swimwear, Acetate, 2.4" Inch
2 Blonde Tortoise Shell O-Ring Connectors, Flat Edge, Great for Bikinis, Swimsuits and Handbag Purses, 1.75" Inch
4 White Tortoise Shell Rings 24mm - 25mm, Vintage Tortoise Flat Round Links Donut, Lucite Plastic Big Hole Beads Large Ring Link, RG055-24-WT
2 White Tortoise Shell Flowers, Flower Stud Earrings, Large Lucite Flower Beads Middle Hole, Acetate Studs, Hawaiian Flowers, FW023-33-WT
4 Little Hexagon Charms, White Tortoise Shell Stud Earring Post Base, Tiny Geometric Studs, Celluloid Acetate Jewelry Supply, DX078-12-WT
2 Light Tortoise Shell Jewelry Findings, Honeycomb Pendant, Empty Hexagon, Spotted Resin Tortoise Earrings, Leopard Print Charm, DX037-37-WT
4 Small Open Hexagon Links, Light Blonde Tortoise Shell, Geometric Charms, Hexagon Frame Charm, Cellulose Acetate, 24 x 21.5mm
4 White Tortoise Shell Circles with Cut Outs, Hollow Circle Charms Basket, Tortoiseshell Vintage, Half-Circle Geometric Shape, CN200-28-WT
2 Two-Tone Tortoise Shell Discs 35mm, Cellulose Acetate Charms, Dual Colors Original, Resin Material, Acrylic Earring Blanks, CN191-35-2WTT

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