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Showing 37 - 72 of 146 products
4 Tiny Cross Charms in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Religious Faith Charms, Cellulose Acetate, 18.5 x 13mm
2 Small Cross Charms, 30x22mm, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Sideways Cross Links, Faith Charm, Bracelet Connector, Necklace Crucifix, DX096-30-WT
1 Huge Circle Pendant in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Acetate, 2.5" Inch
2 Open Hexagon Connectors, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Ring Links, Great for Resin Settings, Cellulose Acetate, 45mm
4 Small Open Hexagon Links, Light Blonde Tortoise Shell, Geometric Charms, Hexagon Frame Charm, Cellulose Acetate, 24 x 21.5mm
2 Large Half Circle Dangles, Half Moon Necklace Blanks, Acetate Charms, Light Brown Tortoise Shell, Popular Jewelry Supply, CN183-37-WT02
2 Half Circle Connectors with Two Holes, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 29 x 13.75mm
2 Tropical Monstera Leaf Findings, Blonde Tortoiseshell, Cellulose Acetate, 30 x 24.25mm
4 Short Skinny Bar Drops, Tortoise Shell Earring Supplies, 3D Bar Necklace Charm Acetate Earring Parts, 1 Inch Thin Bar Pendant BAR024-25-WT
2 Big Monstera Leaf Pendants, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 43 x 35mm
4 Beige Tortoise Shell Beads, Resin Blanks Acrylic Keychain, Narrow Teardrop Tags, Long Teardrop Charm, Tan Tortoise Component, TD010-37-WT
4 Small White Tortoise Ring Links, 15mm Ring Connector Tortoise Shell, White Circle Big Hole, Mini Ring Bead Plastic Acrylic, RG004-15-WT
2 Large Circle Ring 1.5", Acetate Connector Acrylic Link Tortoiseshell Earrings Trend 2018 Handbag Hardware O-Ring Seamless Ring RG033-38-WT
4 Marbled Open Teardrops Links 31mm x 22mm, Acrylic Tortoise Shell Connector, Large Teardrop Bead Hole, White Teardrop Flat, TD004-31-WT
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Circle Pendant, Great for Earring Blanks, Cellulose Acetate Shapes, 35mm
4 White Tortoise Shell Links 2 Holes, Tortoise Chain Links Acetate, Large Rings 25mm Circle Connector Acrylic Round Hoop Bead, RG025-24-WT
2 Blonde Tortoise Shell Hoop Bead, Round Circle Ring Charm Acetate Jewelry, Flat Circle Ring Bead Tortoise White Donut Bead RG017-35-WT
4 Flat Round Charms Circles 24mm, Ash Blonde Tortoise Shell Supply, Plastic Charms Acetate Necklace Acrylic Earring Blank Tags, CN024-24-WT
2 Extra Large Ring Connector Links, Large Donut Bead Loop, Very Large Circle Pendant Tortoise Shell Earrings Blanks Resin Hoops, RG019-47-WT
4 Bar Charms in Two Tone Tortoise Shell, 35 x 7mm, 1 Hole, Vertical Bar Charms, Plastic Beads
4 Extra Long Bar Charms in White Tortoise Shell, 60 x 8mm, 1 Hole, Big Vertical Bars, Flat Rectangle Bead
4 Small Star Charms in White Tortoise Shell, 25 x 25mm, 1 Hole, Square Diamond Bead
1ft Extra Large Ivory Acrylic Chain Links, 35mm, Translucent, Raised Curb Chain
4 White Tortoise Shell Bar Links with 2 Holes, Flat Rectangle with Rounded Corners, Acetate Plastic, 20.5 x 4mm
4 Round Connectors in Blonde Tortoise Shell, 2 Holes, Flat Circle Discs, Acetate, 22mm
4 Tiny Ring Links in White Tortoise Shell, Round Circle Spacer Beads, Acetate, 12mm
2 Arch Charm Links in White Tortoise Shell, 5 Holes, Modern Geometric Connectors, Cellulose Acetate, 31 x 19mm
2 White Tortoise Shell Ring Links, Angle Cut, Large Oval Connectors, Bag Strap Hardware, Swimsuit Ring Slides, 48 x 14.5mm
4 Royal Teardrop Charms in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Open Rings with Ornate Filigree, Lightweight, Acetate Plastic, 34.5 x 20.5mm
2 Boho Paddle Charms in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Large Resin Pendant, Plastic Engravable Blanks, Acetate, 35 x 33.5mm
2 Boho Open Paddle Charms in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Large Resin Pendant, Teardrops, Acetate, 35 x 33.5mm
4 Mini Paddle Charms in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Tiny Earring Pieces, Plastic Teardrops, Acetate, 17 x 16mm
4 Boho Spade Charms in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Modern Teardrop Blanks for Earrings, Las Vegas Casino, Acetate, 24.5 x 20mm
4 Boho Feather Charms in White Tortoise Shell, Small Leaf Pendants, Dream Catcher Charms, 28.5 x 9mm

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