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Showing 1729 - 1764 of 1771 products
2 Monstera Leaf Pendants, Black and White Stripes, Cellulose Acetate, 29.5 x 26mm
2 Large Monstera Leaf Pendants, Sunflower Yellow Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 43 x 35mm
2 White Tortoise Shell Flowers, Flower Stud Earrings, Large Lucite Flower Beads Middle Hole, Acetate Studs, Hawaiian Flowers, FW023-33-WT
2 Blue Monstera Earring Blanks, Random Colors, Tropical Leaf Beads, Transparent Blue Acetate Charm, Blue Resin Palm Leaf Charm, FW019-30-MC03
2 Large Flat Rectangle Charm, DIY Earring Dangle, Hot Pink Bridesmaid Jewelry Finding Supply, Tortoise Shell Necklace Pendant, DX081-50-PK07
2 Purple Rectangle Charms, Trapezoid Shape, Wavy Stripes, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 19mm
4 Small Hexagon Charms, Galaxy Marble in Purple and Green, Geometric Shape Blanks, 17.25 x 15.5mm
2 Light Tortoise Shell Jewelry Findings, Honeycomb Pendant, Empty Hexagon, Spotted Resin Tortoise Earrings, Leopard Print Charm, DX037-37-WT
4 Small Wedge Beads in Tortoise Shell, Quarter Circle, Fan Shape Charms, Acetate, 29 x 21.75mm
4 Two Sided Charms in Yellow and Periwinkle Blue, Two Tone Beads, Acrylic Acetate Charms, Monogram Blanks, Thick Circle Discs, CN163-15-2YPL
2 Brown Tortoise Shell Half Circle Charms, Textured Terrazzo Beads, Half Moon Blank, Crescent Moon Charm, Earth Tones Jewelry, CN161-37-BR01
2 Wedge Beads in Tortoise Shell, Fan Shape, Cellulose Acetate, 34 x 30.75mm
2 Clear Acrylic Half Circle Discs, Silver Foil Leaf Flakes, Transparent Acrylic, Designer Charms, 37 x 18mm
4 Thick Flat Discs in Colorful Tortoise Shell, Pink Purple Green, Blank Acrylic Discs, 25mm Blank Charms, One Hole Circle, CN136-25-GXY2
2 Half Moon Pendants in Blue Pink Yellow, Acetate Findings, Acrylic Earring Blanks, Resin Half Circle, Tortoise Shell Supply, CN102-37-UPY2
2 Half Circle Necklace Blanks, Transparent Blue Resin Charm, Fake Sea Glass, Semicircle Acetate Charm, Tortoise Shell Supply, CN098-37-U03
2 Wedge Beads, Fan Shape, Light Blonde Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 34 x 30.75mm
4 Small Acrylic Circle Blanks, Colorful Tortoise Shell Supply, Stud Acetate Earring Supplies, Resin Disks, Small Circle Charms, CN094-15-KMC
4 Mini Hexagon Blanks, Little Hexagon Pendant, Honeycomb Charm, Small Hexagon Charms, Terrazzo Beads, Classic Tortoise Shell, DX024-17-TT
4 Glitter Acrylic Charms, Sparkly Pink Tortoise Shell, Teardrop Cut Out,  Pink Stripes, Peach Beads, Acrylic Earring Findings, TD019-35-PSTR
4 Small Circle Blanks with Bark Texture, Faux Wood Beads, Brown Acetate Charms, Wood Grain Texture, Dark Brown Tortoise Shell, CN075-15-BR01
2 Flat Rectangle Connectors in Golden Amber, Tortoise Shell Earring Findings, Egg Yolk Amber Resin Beads, Tortoise Resin Pendant DX029-50-OT
2 White Half-Circle Pendant, Half Discs, Clear Acetate Earring Findings, Light Gray Acetate, Large Resin Half Circle Bead, CN058-37-WCL
4 Small Coin Drops 10mm, 1 Hole Circle Flat Disc White Tortoiseshell Acrylic Earring Blanks, Double Sided Flat Round Coin Charm, CN010-10-WT
4 Laser Cut Acrylic Discs for Earring Findings, Plastic Circle Blank Earring Stud Base, Colored Drop Multi Color Tortoise Shell CN048-10-DMC
2 Faux Deer Antler Pendant, Ash Blonde Tortoise Shell Earrings Elk Horn, White Coral Branch Bead, Chandelier Link, Acetate Charm XY003-27-WT
4 Mini Disc Charms, 9mm Disc with Hole, Acrylic Circle Blank, Coin Shape Bead Ultraviolet Black Pink Yellow, Earring Stud Blank CN050-09-KMC
4 Large Flat Oval Charms, Light Blonde Tortoise Shell, Round Discs, Cellulose Acetate, 33 x 20mm
4 Acetate Charms in Color Tortoise Shell, 1" Round Disc Blanks Rainbow Leopard Print, Faux Marble, Cellulose Acetate Circles, CN051-25-DMC
4 Sequin Charms in Yellow Tortoise Shell, Earring Parts, Tiny Circle Charm Dot, Yellow Acetate Acrylic, Small Round Blanks, CN044-13-BT
4 Pearl White Discs for Earrings, Thick Sequin Charm, Small Flat Circle Drops, White Acetate Sheet, Fake Pearl Coins, CN049-14-PRL
4 Long Bar Charms, 35mm x 4mm Bar, Skinny Bar Vertical, Long Stick Pendant, Black Marble Resin Swirl, Rainbow Tortoise Dangles BAR026-35-KMC
2 Large Wavy Disc Charms, Blonde Tortoisehsell, Cellulose Acetate, 34mm

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