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Showing 1657 - 1692 of 1749 products
4 Big Teardrop Pendants in Zebra Tortoise Shell, Sparkly Yellow Zebra Stripe, Yellow Teardrop Cut Out, Transparent Yellow Bead TD022-38-YSTR
4 Small Coin Charms, Gold Tortoise Shell, 15mm Discs, Faux Amber Slices, Iridescent Beads, Shiny Orange Bead, Cognac Amber Resin CN081-15-OT
4 Small Flat Diamond Charms 13 x 18mm, Blonde Tortoise Shell Bead, Kite Shaped Bead Beige Acetate Earring Findings, Tiny Diamond DX019-18-WT
4 Mini Dog Tag Blanks, Multicolor Tortoise Shell Drops, Large Rectangle Bar Charm Acetate, Resin Slab, Flat Tag Beads, VG024-30-DMC
4 White Tortoise Shell Earrings Components 5x35mm Narrow Bar Connectors Tortoise Lucite, Brown Off White Rectangle Bead, BAR023-35-WT
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4 Black Lace Coin Beads 13mm, Lace inside Plastic Bead Charm Transparent Clear Lace Charm, Flat Round Acrylic Charm Connector, CN004-13-LAC
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4 Black Lace Coin Beads 13mm, Lace inside Plastic Be...
4 Tortoiseshell Earrings Findings, Faux Amber Bead Undrilled Mini Stud Earrings DIY Tiny Flat Stud Small Square Blank Laser Cut LAK021-12-FT
4 Small Half Moon Drops, 1 Hole, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 21 x 10mm
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Charm, Small Round Coin, Marble Yellow Tortoise Earrings Laser Cut Acrylic Shape Flat Circle Disc 1 Hole CN009-10-BT
4 Two Hole Connectors, White Tortoise Shell Link Resin, Round Bead Frame Circle Ring with 2 Hole, Oval Hoop Bead, 25mm Ring Link RG022-25-WT
4 Small Triangle Charms, Blonde Tortoise Shell Earrings Triangle Outline Open Triangle Acrylic Triangle Resin Tortoise Findings TR006-19-BT
10 Tiny Circle Charms, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Coin Chape, Cellulose Acetate, 7mm
2 Dark Tortoise Shell Pendants Acetate Acrylic, Extra Large Links, Hip Hop Earrings, Open Teardrop Links Plastic Tortoise, TD007-46-TT
4 Marble Resin Bar Drops, Acrylic Tortoise Shell Supply Colorful Resin Pendant Vertical Bar Blank Rectangle Tag Wide Bar Charm BAR006-35-DMC
4 Small Oval Charms in White Tortoise Shell, Simple Blanks for Pendants and Earring Jacket Enhancers, 25 x 14.5mm
2 Japanese Maple Leaf Charms in Dark Green Tortoise Shell, Flower Pendant, Plastic Acetate, 50 x 35mm
4 Clear Acrylic Cabochons with Silver Foil Flakes, 3mm Thick, Small Undrilled Cabs and Flatbacks, 12mm
2 Half Moon Charms in Silver Tortoise Shell, Translucent Pendants, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 18mm
2 Purple Flower Petal Charms, Holographic and Iridescent Colors, Oval Shape, Cellulose Acetate, 30 x 28.5mm
2 Flower Petal Charms with Blue and Purple, Oval Drops, Transparent, Cellulose Acetate, 30 x 28.5mm
2 Light Purple Half Circle Pendants, Pastel Kawaii Colors, Half Moon Shape, Acrylic Plastic, 37 x 33.5mm
1ft Natural Pink Chain Links, 23mm, Acrylic, Light Pink Marble, For Necklaces
Yellow Resin and Wood Charms, Trapezoid, Epoxy Resin and Real Wood, 49 x 19.25mm
2 Semi Circle Pendants with Floral Pattern, White and Coral Pink, Cellulose Acetate, 36.5 x 33.5mm
Large Teardrop Charms in Soft Pink, Great Blanks for Earrings and Keychains, Acrylic, 34 x 27.5mm
2 Black Oval Connector Rings, Glitter Acrylic Earring Blank, Lucite Charm, Christmas Red Glitter Foil Flake, Jewelry Supplies, VG049-49-BKRF
4 Orange Snakeskin Print Charms, 1.5" Inch, Open Teardrop Findings, Resin Pendulum, Diamond Shape Beads, Gold Glitter Acrylic, TD058-38-OG03
4 Tiny Half Circle Earring Charms, 0.5" Inch, Multicolor Tortoise Shell Bead, Wholesale Acetate Charm, Colorful Charms in Bulk, HC026-11-KMC
2 Cross Pendants for Women and Men, Dainty Small Cross Charm Bulk, Ivory Tortoise Shell, Jesus Christ, Religious Jewelry Supply, DX105-25-WT
4 Peach Acrylic Circles 35mm, Plastic Disc Charm, Orange Coral Bead, Laser Cut Acrylic Shapes for Jewelry Making, Pastel Pink, CN277-35-PK05
1 Huge Circle Pendant in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Acetate, 2.5" Inch
4 Butterscotch Orange XL Circle Blanks, 35mm, Huge Disc Pendant, Wedding Name Cards for Stickers, Opaque Mustard Yellow Beads, CN248-35-OG01
4 Round Circle Connectors 15mm, 2 Hole Connector Charms, Tokyo Tortoise Shell Link Two Hole Disc Pendant, Cut Out Shape Acrylic, CN228-15-TT
2 Fairy Wing Charms, Rainbow Confetti Marble, Great for Ear Jackets, Acetate, 35.5 x 30mm
2 Round Circle Pendants with Ornate Scrollwork, Faux Tortoise Shell, Fretwork Beads, Cellulose Acetate, 40 x 38mm
2 Acrylic Antler Pendants in Faux Tortoise Shell, Chandelier Earring Findings, Deer Antler Necklace, Coral Branch Charms, XY010-27-TT

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