Swimsuit and Bikini Notions

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Showing 37 - 49 of 49 products
2 Tortoise Shell D Rings, Fits 3/4" Inch, Acrylic Ring Connectors for Swimsuits and Purse Straps, 30 x 28.5mm
2 Black Ring Links, Plastic O Rings for Swimsuits, Replacement Bra and Lingerie Straps and Jewelry Necklaces, Acetate, 1" Inch
1 Large Black Ring Connector, Round Link for Purse Hardware, Swimsuits, Bikinis and Collar Necklaces, Plastic, 2.75" Inch
2 Black Connector Ring Links, Plastic O Rings for Swimsuits, Lingerie Straps and Purse Making, Acetate, 1.2" Inch
2 Black Connector Rings, Plastic O-Rings for Swimsuits, Bras and Purse Making, Cellulose Acetate, 1.5" Inch
1 Plastic O-Ring, Red and Orange Tortoise Shell, Flat Swimsuit Rings, Seamless, Acrylic, 6cm
4 Oval Connector Charms, 33mm x 20mm, Closed Jump Ring Loops, Plastic Acetate Chain Link, White Tortoise Shell Jewelry Findings, VG047-33-WT
2 Ring Links in Zebra Print, Black and Light Gray, Cellulose Acetate, 32mm
2 Red Tortoise Shell Hoops, Orange Red Acetate Earrings Resin Swirl Black, Cellulose Acetate Circle Loop Ring Charms, Schildpatt RG044-38-AM
4 Large Oval Ring Connectors in Black Marble, Acrylic Plastic O-Rings, 37 x 18mm
2 Large Circle Ring 1.5", Acetate Connector Acrylic Link Tortoiseshell Earrings Trend 2018 Handbag Hardware O-Ring Seamless Ring RG033-38-WT
4 White Gray Marble Pendant, 30mm Ring Links, Necklace Circle Ring Acrylic, Grey Swirl Beads, Circle Links, White Marble Charms RG037-31-GWM
4 Large Oval Links, Black and White Tortoise Shell Connectors Plastic Chain Links Acrylic, Open Oval 1 Inch, Black Marble Beads, VG021-33-BW

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