Rectangle, Bar and Square Shapes

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Showing 181 - 211 of 211 products
2 Laser Cut Acrylic Pendant, Polka Dot Beads, 2 Inch Rectangle Blanks, Single Sided Charm, Chunky Earrings, Big Plastic Beads, DX066-50-BDOT
2 Open Rectangle Blanks in Purple Tortoise Shell, Lucite Charms, Acetate Pendant, Violet Earring Findings, Purple Lucite Bead, DX063-50-PL01
2 Purple Rectangle Charms, Trapezoid Shape, Wavy Stripes, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 19mm
2 Cutout Rectangle Blanks, Translucent Red Tortoise Shell Earring Supplies, Marbled Red Acetate Pendant, Red Amber Beads, DX058-50-RD01
2 Open Rectangle Blanks, Black Yellow Pink, Patterned Charm, Acetate Earring Blank, Black Marble Bead, Tortoise Shell Findings, DX056-50-BK02
2 Resin Rectangles in Dark Brown Tortoise Shell, Flat Rectangle Blanks, Large Plastic Blank, Acetate Acrylic Earring Blanks, DX054-50-BR01
2 Creamy White Acetate Charms, Large Rectangle Charm, Rectangle Frame, Off-White Lucite Beads, Ivory Tortoise Shell Supply, DX050-50-W05
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2 Metallic Dark Gold Trapezoid, Cracked Marble, Black Gold Acrylic Shapes, Antique Gold Pendant, Mosaic Tortoise Shell Charm, DX045-37-GD01
Sale price$3.82 Regular price$4.50
2 Metallic Dark Gold Trapezoid, Cracked Marble, Blac...
2 Transparent Acrylic Rectangle Ring, Clear Acrylic Pendant, Transparent Gold Flakes, Rectangle Frame, Clear Plastic Charms, DX044-50-CGF
2 Green Tortoise Shell Beads, Large Square Blanks, Tile Beads, Sage Green Jewelry, Square Tile Pendant, Olive Green Beads, DX043-40-2GRW
2 Trapezoid Shape Pendant, Black and White Marble, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 19mm
2 Flat Rectangle Connectors in Golden Amber, Tortoise Shell Earring Findings, Egg Yolk Amber Resin Beads, Tortoise Resin Pendant DX029-50-OT
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4 Amber Tortoise Shell Earring Drops, Acrylic Connector Triangle Link, Turtle Shell Jewelry Findings, Animal Print Unusual Shape VG025-30-TT
Sale price$4.42 Regular price$5.20
4 Amber Tortoise Shell Earring Drops, Acrylic Connec...
2 Engraved Bar Charms in Tortoiseshell, Horizontal Bar Connector, Butterfly Links, Cut Out Bar Necklace Tortoise Shell Supply, BAR012-30-WT
4 Small Flat Diamond Charms 13 x 18mm, Blonde Tortoise Shell Bead, Kite Shaped Bead Beige Acetate Earring Findings, Tiny Diamond DX019-18-WT
2 Open Rectangles Charms, Bermuda Blue Pink Yellow, Acetate Tortoise Shell, Acrylic Earring Blanks, DX015-50-UPY
2 Flat Rectangle Rings, Ivory Tortoise Shell, DX014-50-ABN
2 Vertical Rectangle Bar Pendant, Beads Mustard Yellow Tortoise Shell Supply, Yellow White Marble Resin Tortoise Earrings, DX017-50-YWB
4 Long Bar Charms, 35mm x 4mm Bar, Skinny Bar Vertical, Long Stick Pendant, Black Marble Resin Swirl, Rainbow Tortoise Dangles BAR026-35-KMC
4 Bar Charms in Sunflower Yellow Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 36 x 7.5mm
4 Marbled Bar Links 35mm Stick Connectors Plastic Earring Parts Thin Plastic Drops Resin Bead Green Purple White, BAR022-35-APG
2 Tortoise Shell Resin Links, Pointy Diamond Connector Ring, Big Square Pendant Turtle Shell Jewelry, Flat Diamond Charm Acetate DX003-45-TT
2 White Marble Rectangle Charms 50mm x 21mm, Acrylic Blank Tag Tortoise Shell, Large Flat Rectangle Ring, Plastic Tortoiseshell, DX007-50-WT
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4 Acrylic Tortoise Shell Rectangle Blanks No Hole Bead, Orange Tortoise Pattern, Plastic Blanks Earrings, Wide Rectangle Tags, LAK001-29-TT
Sale price$4.08 Regular price$4.80
4 Acrylic Tortoise Shell Rectangle Blanks No Hole Be...
4 Square Diamond Charms, Blonde Tortoiseshell, Cellulose Acetate, 24 x 24mm
4 Square Diamond Shaped Bead, Space Marble Colors, Abstract Charm Square Blanks, Random Color Mix, Colorful Acetate Earrings DX012-24-DMC
2 Diamond Shaped Charms, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Rhombus Shape, Cellulose Acetate, 31 x 15mm
4 Wide Bar Charms in Tortoiseshell, Cellulose Acetate, 35 x 7mm
4 Marble Resin Bar Drops, Acrylic Tortoise Shell Supply Colorful Resin Pendant Vertical Bar Blank Rectangle Tag Wide Bar Charm BAR006-35-DMC
2 Cracked Marble Pendant Black and White Tortoise Shell Pendant Blank Acrylic Cut Out Black Acetate Charm Big Rectangle Tag Flat DX013-47-BW
2 Tortoise Shell Rectangle Window Beads, 50mm Long Flat Rectangle Blank Tortoise Acrylic Earring Blank Keychain, Tortoise Charms DX006-50-TT

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