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Showing 73 - 108 of 226 products
2 Large Rectangle Pendants in Multicolor Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 50 x 21.5mm
4 Tiny Triangle Drop, 12mm Triangle Disc, Colorful Small Triangle Charm Tortoise Shell Bead Blank Rainbow Marble Resin Pour TR002-12-KMC
4 Marble Oval Rings Closed, 33mm Oval Beads, Hollow Circle Charm, Oval Circle Connectors Colorful Plastic, Acrylic Chain Links, VG003-32-KMC
4 Large Teardrop Pendants in Green Abalone, 1 Hole, Mother of Pearl Colored, Patterned Acrylic, 38 x 30mm
Colorful Butterfly Stud Earrings with Gold Bezel, 1 Pair, Big and Chunky, Cute Post Studs
4 Small Triangle Charms in Multicolors, 21.5 x 19mm, 1 Hole, Cute Plastic Beads, Upside Down Triangle
2 Semi Circle Pendants with Blue and Coral Orange Floral Patterns, 36.5 x 33.5mm, 1 Hole Large Plastic Beads
4 Watercolor Tortoise Shell Earring Charms, Dreamy Colors, Soft Pastel Color Blanks for Vinyl, Extra Large Teardrop Blanks, TD033-38-MC05
4 Extra Large Round Studs in Rainbow, 24mm, 1 Hole, Metal Post, Super Chunky, Multicolored Ear Stud Base
4 Colorful Oval Connectors, 26.5 x 14mm, 2 Holes, Plastic, Cute Rainbow Bead Links, Flat Oval Blanks
2 Dainty Leaf Charms with Vintage Flower Pattern, 28.25 x 24.5mm
1ft Rainbow Acrylic Chain Links, 23 x 17mm, Random Mixed Colors, Multicolored Curb Twists
2 Big Flower Beads in Rainbow Colors, 33.5mm, 1 Hole, Multicolored Beads, Super Chunky Cabochons
2 Large Half Circle Pendants in Candlelight Gala, Dark Blue, Gold and Black, Colorful Confetti Dots, Clear Acrylic, 37 x 33.5mm
1ft Matte Rainbow Plastic Chain Links, 39mm, Acrylic Chain, Random Mixed Colors
2 Large Half Circle Charms with Garden Floral Pattern, Blue, Purple and Green Colors, Cellulose Acetate, 36.5 x 33.5mm
4 Rainbow Marble Discs, Plastic Laser Cut Acrylic Shapes, Tiny Dot Studs DIY, Flat Disc Studs Earrings Tortoise Shell Findings LAK019-15-DMC
1ft Matte Pastel Chain Links, 23mm, Acrylic Twists, Mixed Colors, Kawaii Rainbow
4 Multicolored Oval Ring Connectors, Undrilled, Rainbow Beads, Macrame Loops, Acetate Plastic, 33 x 22mm
4 Oval Charm Beads in Rainbow Multicolored, 1 Hole, Plastic Round Discs, Cellulose Acetate, 25 x 14.5mm
1ft Large Matte Pastel Chain with Acrylic Links, 28mm, Mixed Rainbow Colors, Cute Kawaii
4 Long Teardrop Charms in Hollywood Gala, Clear with Gold, Black and White, Metallic Confetti, Acrylic Plastic, 54.5 x 11.5mm
4 Long Teardrop Charms in Red Carpet Gala, Clear with Red, Black and Gold, Colorful Metallic Confetti, Acrylic Plastic, 54.5 x 11.5mm
4 Long Teardrop Charms in Music Festival, Clear with Green Teal, Pink and White, Colorful Confetti, Transparent Acrylic Plastic, 54.5 x 11.5mm
4 Long Teardrop Charms in Pool Party, Clear with Mint Green, Teal, Blue and Gold Confetti Dots, Acrylic Plastic, 54.5 x 11.5mm
2 Half Circle Pendants in Athlete, Clear with White, Dark Blue and Neon Green Stripes, Acetate Plastic, 37 x 33.5mm
Cellulose Acetate Sheet in Rio Murals, Pearlescent Rainbow Patchwork Pattern, Colorful Blanks, For CNC Routers, 2.5mm Thick, 19.6 x 8 Inch
4 Vertical Bar Charms in Unicorn with Blue, Pink and Yellow, Flat Rectangle, Acetate Plastic Beads, 36 x 7.5mm
2 Half Circle Charms with Red and Yellow Highlights, Clear with Black Lines, Acetate Plastic, 36 x 33.5mm
4 Bar Charms in Cathedral Glass, Flat Rectangle Blanks in Blue, Red and Green, Transparency, Acetate Plastic, 36 x 7.5mm
4 Thin Bar Charms in White Pearl, Light Blue and Pink, 1 Hole Bead, Earring Charms in Pastels, Acetate Plastic, 35 x 4.5mm
4 Long Teardrop Charms in Multicolored, Colorful, Flat Paddle Shape, Cellulose Acetate, 54 x 11.5mm
1ft Midnight Opal Acrylic Chain Links, 35mm, Iridescent, Oil Slick Effect, Spacecore
1ft Midnight Opal Acrylic Chain Links, 31mm, Iridescent Oil Slick, For Jewelry
4 Small Hexagon Charm Beads in Multicolor, Rainbow Geometric Shapes, Cellulose Acetate, 17.25 x 15.5mm

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