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Showing 109 - 144 of 994 products
4 Small Circle Charms in Yellow and Blue Purple, Two Sided, Flat Round Discs, Cellulose Acetate, 20mm
4 Black Acrylic Pendants with Mineral Blue and Silver Glitter Foil Flakes, Round Circle, Acrylic, 35mm
4 Tiny Seashell Charms in Blue and White, Scallop Shell Beads, Marble Acrylic, 19 x 18.5mm
2 Clear Acrylic Half Moon Charms, 1 Hole, 37 x 18mm
2 Polka Dot Beads, Chunky Earring Component, Cellulose Acetate Charm, White Black Dots, Plastic Jewelry Part, 2 Inch Rectangle, DX076-50-WDOT
2 Navy Blue Ginkgo Leaf Beads, Matte Blue, Natural Plant Leaves, Rubber Coated, 44.5 x 33mm
4 Round Circle Disc 35mm, Sprakly Blue Confetti Glitter, One Sided Charm, Laser Cut Acrylic Earring Blank, Large Earring Disc, CN186-35-BKUF
4 Maroon Red Obelisk Charms, Bar Shape, Acrylic, 55 x 12mm
4 Hot Pink Teardrop Pendants, Color Blocked, Bright Pink Charms for Earrings, Real Wood and Resin, 37 x 28mm
4 Large Teardrop Charms with Translucent White, Epoxy Resin and Real Wood Beads, Color Blocked, 37 x 28mm
2 Black Oval Charms with Blue Foil Flakes, Sparkly Glitter Acrylic, 49.5 x 44mm
2 Gray Half Moon Charms, Iridescent Beads with Blue, Gold, Green and Purple, Cellulose Acetate, 33 x 26.5mm
4 Long Teardrop Charms in Light Blue and Gold Marble, Van Gogh Style, Acrylic, 54.5 x 11mm
4 Thin Stick Charms in Light Blue Pink Marble, Extra Long Pendant Dangles, DIY Bridesmaid Earrings, Abstract Earring Parts, TD043-54-IM04
2 Acrylic Mermaid Tail Charms, Blue and Purple Ombre Marble, 19 x 18.5mm
2 Large Oak Leaf Pendants, Red Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 47 x 36mm
4 Jade Green Circle Ring Charm with Two Holes, Cellulose Acetate, 25mm
2 Open Cross Connectors in Tortoiseshell, Faith Charms, Sideways Cross for Wrap Bracelets, Acetate, 30 x 22mm
2 Small Cross Charms, 30x22mm, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Sideways Cross Links, Faith Charm, Bracelet Connector, Necklace Crucifix, DX096-30-WT
4 Large Oval Ring Links, Translucent White, 37 x 28mm
4 Small White Tortoise Ring Links, 15mm Ring Connector Tortoise Shell, White Circle Big Hole, Mini Ring Bead Plastic Acrylic, RG004-15-WT
2 Large Round Rings without Holes, Black and White Marble, Great for Hair Clips, Purse O Rings and Swimsuits, Cellulose Acetate, 38mm
4 Dark Blue Teardrops, Wavy Stripes, Blue Tortoise Shell Beads, Wholesale Acetate Charm, Beachy Earrings, Flat Teardrop Charms, TD036-34-U09
4 Large Acrylic Circles in Coral Pink Tortoise Shell, Plastic 1.5 Inch Disc Earring Blanks, Orange Pink Beads, Marbled Beads, CN174-35-PK08
4 Hexagon Charms for Earrings, Mardi Gras Tortoise Shell, Green and Purple, Cellulose Acetate, 17.25 x 15.5mm
2 Pearl White Resin Pendants, 50mm Rectangle Earring Part, Geometric Charm, White Tortoise Shell Bead, Plastic Acrylic Pendant, DX101-50-W11
4 Tiny Cross Charms in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Religious Faith Charms, Cellulose Acetate, 18.5 x 13mm
2 Resin Pendants in Blue Tortoise Shell, 50mm x 21.5mm, Transparent Blue Bead, Light Blue Acetate Finding, Open Rectangle Ring, DX094-50-U03
4 Dark Gold Resin Charms, 0.5" Inch, November Birthstone Charms, Orange Acrylic Earring Blanks, Small Round Discs, Tiny Drops, CN283-12-BR03
4 Ruby Red Charms, 1 Hole, Dark Red Cellulose Acetate, 12mm
2 Half Circle Charms in Comic Ink Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 18mm
4 Black Acrylic Circles with Gold Foil Flakes, 35mm, Gold Flecked Earring Blank Findings, Plastic Discs, Glitter Resin Charms, CN260-35-BKGF
2 Wide Crescent Moon Charms, 1.4" Inch, Acrylic Laser Cut Charm, Transparent Purple Bead, Plastic Findings, Half Moon Pendant, CN253-36-PL06
2 Neon Pink Half Circles, 1.4" Inch, Transparent Pink Acrylic Blanks, Necklace Geometric Charms, Monogram Blanks for Vinyl, CN250-36-PK13
4 Maroon Red Circle Pendants, Acrylic, 35mm
2 White Pearl Semi Circle Pendants, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 18mm

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