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Showing 37 - 72 of 280 products
2 Plastic Rings Tortoise Shell, Open Circle Earring Findings Washer Large Flat Circle Loop Link Flat Hoop Earrings Tortoiseshell RG036-38-TT
4 Tortoise Shell Round Circles, Plastic Blanks Resin Tortoise Print, Keychain Blanks Large Post Earrings Orange Tiger Stripes, LAK011-25-TT
4 Tortoise Shell O-ring Connectors Circles Faux Tortoise Shell Beads Cellulose Acetate Charms Ring 2 Holes Plastic Hoops Links RG027-24-TT
4 Chunky Tortoise Shell Plastic Chain Link 34mm Tortoise Findings Component Oval Large Plastic Ring Laser Cut Tortoiseshell VG001-34-TT
3 Large Amber Beads Plastic 30mm Beads Tortoise Shell Acrylic, Chunky Beads Pebble Stone, Flat Oval Beads Tortoiseshell, BEAD001-30-AM
2 Large Geometric Beads, Butterscotch Orange, Diamond Shaped Earring Blanks, Polygon Shape, Acrylic, 37.5 x 28mm
1ft Citrus Orange Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, For Keychains and Cuban Bracelets
1 Large O-Ring Connectors in Tortoise Shell, For Swimsuits, Bikinis and Purse Straps, Cellulose Acetate, 2.4" Inch
2 Tortoise Connectors, Plastic Rings 1.75 Inch, DIY Bikini Top Connector, Thick O-Ring, Tortoise Shell Ring, Flat Circle Pendant, RG070-44-TT
2 Large Hexagon Connectors Rings in Tortoise Shell, Imitation Turtle Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 45mm
1ft Large Matte Neon Orange Acrylic Chain Links, 30mm, Y2K and 80s Style
1ft Matte Neon Chain Links, 24mm, Assorted Mixed Colors, 90s Kidcore Kandicore
4 Tortoise Shell Heart Charms, Leopard Print Spots, Orange and Brown, Cellulose Acetate, 19.5 x 17mm
1ft Orange Chain Links, 27mm, Transparent Acrylic, Paperclip, For Craft Supply
2 Tortoise Shell Ring Links, Plastic O Ring Connectors for Purse Straps, Swimsuits and Jewelry Necklaces, 2.8" Inch
4 Butterscotch Orange Charm Beads, Small Round Discs with 1 Hole, Acrylic, 12mm
1ft Ethereal Coral Red Acrylic Chain Links, 23mm, Translucent, J-Fashion Decora Kei
1 Wide Cufff Bracelet in Tortoise Shell, Designer Women's Bracelet, Small Wrist Size Only, Cellulose Acetate
4 Small Crescent Moon Charms in Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 17 x 14.5mm
4 Thin Teardrop Charm Beads, Lucite Tortoise Shell Supplies Acrylic Earring Findings, Original Tortoise Pattern, Orange Teardrop TD011-37-TT
1 Brushed Gold Tortoise Shell Pendant, Large Drop Pendant Tortoiseshell, Metal Setting, Satin Gold Hexagon Ring Charm Acetate MA001-48-GTT
1 Gold Quatrefoil Pendant with Tortoise Shell, MA002-49-GTT
4 Tortoise Shell Pendants, 35mm Circle Marble Charms, Acetate Tortoiseshell Earrings Blank Necklace, Large Round Blank Bead, CN057-35-TT
4 Tortoise Shell Links, 23.5mm, Plastic, Ovals with Split, For Making Chains
4 Dark Tortoise Shell Stud Earrings, Resin Tortoise Earring Findings Acrylic Stud with Hole, Earring Post Base, Circle Ear Post EAR040-11-TT
4 Small Circle Charms Acetate DIY, 2mm Hole Size, Round Tortoise Shell Earring Blanks Acrylic, Brown Auburn Tortoise Beads, CN041-17-TT
4 Tortoise Pattern Square Diamond Charms 25mm, Acrylic Earring Blanks, Diamante Bead Tortoise Shell Lucite, Flat Diamond Drop, DX002-25-TT
4 Tortoise Shell O Rings 24mm, Acetate Tortoise Rings with Hole Plastic Ring Links Tortoiseshell Beads Circle Pendant Round, RG002-24-TT
4 Tortoiseshell Stick Bead Plastic Connector 35mm x 5mm, Flat Rectangle Bead Hawksbill Turtle Faux Tortoise Shell Findings, BAR002-35-TT
4 Extra Long Bars in Tortoiseshell, Stick Earring Findings, Cellulose Acetate, 45 x 4mm
4 Tortoise Shell Stud Earrings Parts 20x10 mm, Acrylic Tortoise Blanks Earrings Acetate, Half Moon Discs Small Half Circle Stud LAK003-20-TT
4 Tortoise Shell Square Stud Blanks, Tiny Square Studs DIY, Flat Square 12mm, Small Square Earrings Studs Block Earrings Resin, LAK017-12-TT
4 Round Circle Connectors with 2 Holes, Cheetah Print, Coin Shape, Cellulose Acetate, 20mm
1 Large Acrylic Ring, Plastic O Rings, Purse Hardware Rings, Transparent Orange Red Tortoise Shell Links, Thin Ring Connectors, RG079-70-FT
1 Tortoise Shell Circle Blank, No Holes, Cellulose Acetate, 2.5" Inch

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