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Showing 37 - 72 of 1774 products
1ft Matte Black Chain Links, Cuban Links for Mens and Womens Jewelry, Acrylic Chain, 24 x 17mm
1ft Opal Clear Acrylic Chain Links, Iridescent Rainbow, AB Effect, Transparent Plastic, 23 x 17mm
Ballet Pink Plastic Chain Links 1ft, 23x17mm, Transparent Pink Chain, Clear Acrylic Chain Necklace, Miami Cuban Link Chain, CH039-23-PK14
Black Plastic Chain Links 1ft, 24mm x 17mm Split Links, Acrylic Chain Bulky, Flat Curb Chain Twisted Links Oval Open Link Chain CH006-24-BK
1ft Baby Blue Acrylic Chain Links, Simple Curb Chain, 23 x 17mm
1ft Matte Yellow Plastic Chain, Great for Chunky Glasses Chains and Purse Bag Straps, 28 x 20mm
1ft Matte Purple Acrylic Chain Links, 28 x 20mm
Tortoiseshell Chain 1ft, 23 x 16mm Flat Oval Link Chain, Acetate Tortoise Shell Chain, Orange Acrylic Chain, Flat Cable Chain, CH031-23-TT
1ft Matte Red Acrylic Chain Links, Chunky Chain for Bag and Purse Straps, 24 x 17mm
1ft Matte Steel Blue Plastic Chain Links, Blue-Gray Colored, Luxury Designer Chain for Purses and Jewelry, 24 x 17mm
4 Clear Acrylic Earring Parts with Gold Foil Flakes, 15mm Small Round Circle, Dot Stud Earring with Post DIY, 1/2" Inch, EAR077-14-CGF
Tortoise Shell Sheet, 19.6 x 8 Inch, 4mm Thickness, Cellulose Acetate Sheet Blank, Guitar Pickguards, Knife Handle Material
Imperial Red Plastic Chain 1ft, 35 x 20mm, Chunky Acrylic Purse Chain, Large Oval Cable Chain, Lightweight Acrylic Chain Link, CH081-35-RD08
Red Amber Plastic Chain Links 1ft, 23 x 17mm, Acrylic Tortoise Shell Chain, Translucent Chain, Chunky Curb Chain, CH078-23-RD09
Lime Green Acrylic Chain Links 1ft, 23mm x 17mm, Loose Open Link Curb Chain, Big Plastic Chain, Replacement Purse Chain Strap, CH047-23-GN10
Pale Brown Chunky Chain 1ft , Plastic Chain Link Necklace Acrylic Purse Handle Chain Twist Chain Links Resin Handbag Chain Strap CH016-30-LB
2 Gold Snap Hooks with Swivel for Bags, Metal, Large Push Gate Clips, Purse Strap Attacher Rings, Designer Hardware, 1.9" Inch
Frosted Acrylic Chain Links 1ft, Matte Clear Plastic Chain, Great for Purses and Bags, 31 x 18.5mm
Frosted Acrylic Chain Links 1ft, Chunky Curb Chain, Matte Crystal, 24 x 17mm
Honey Amber Plastic Chain, 1ft, 30 x 22mm, Cuban Link Necklace, Apricot Orange Designer Chain, Red Acrylic Purse Chain Handle, CH095-30-OG06
Chalk White Acrylic Chain Links 1ft, 24 x 17mm, Chunky Chain Findings, Oval Chain, Cuban Chain Necklace, Jewelry Making Supply, CH068-24-W17
Cobalt Blue Plastic Chain Links 1ft, 23 x 17mm, Loose Link Open, Large Acrylic Chain Kawaii, Chunky Purse Chain Strap Findings, CH037-23-U16
2 Thin Ring Connectors in Transparent Blue Tortoise Shell, Acetate Circle Ring, Acrylic Earring Parts, Donut Bead, Round Charm, RG061-32-U03
1 Plastic O Ring in Tortoise Shell, Round Connector, Great for Bikini Tops and Swimsuit Rings, Cellulose Acetate, Thickness: 6mm, Diameter: 2.75" Inch
1ft Cararra Marble Plastic Chain Links, White and Light Grey Marble, Chunky Big Chain, Flat Twist Curbs, 23 x 17mm
1ft Opal Clear Acrylic Chain Links, Iridescent AB Effect, Kawaii, Chunky Cable Chain, 38 x 22.5mm
1ft Matte Light Blue Plastic Chain Links, Great for Chunky Necklaces, 28 x 20mm
1ftT Matte Kiwi Green Acrylic Chain Links, Lime Green Chain, Chunky Chain for Glasses, Purses and Jewelry Making, 24 x 17mm
Frosted Acrylic Chain 1ft, 13 x 9mm, Closed Chain Links, Matte White Crystal, Oval Cable Chain Pre Linked, Sea Glass Color, CH032-13-W10
4 No Hole Discs Tortoise Shell, 15mm Flat Round Disks Resin, Embellishment Tortoise Earrings Blanks Acrylic, DIY Jewelry Supply LAK002-15-TT
1ft Glitter Acrylic Chain in Light Pink, 23 x 17mm
4 Small Round Circle Blanks, Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 12mm
2 Large Half Circle Pendants in Rainbow Confetti, Semi-Circle Shapes, Half Moon Blanks, Acetate Plastic, 37 x 18mm
2 Large Circle Loops, 32mm Ring Washer, Translucent White, Large Ring Pendant, Eyeglass Loop Circle, Clear Acrylic Rings, RG056-32-WCL
1ft Cognac Brown Plastic Chain Links, Transparent Brown Tortoise Shell, Acrylic, 31 x 19mm

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