Round and Circle Shapes

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Showing 685 - 720 of 749 products
2 White Tortoise Shell Earring Parts, 35mm Rings Big Hoop Bead, Large Ring Bead, Big Hole Ring, Black White Marble Connector RG008-35-WT
2 Large Rings in Tortoiseshell, Round Circle Pendants, Cellulose Acetate, 40mm
10 Tiny Circle Charms, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Coin Chape, Cellulose Acetate, 7mm
4 Oval Connector Links with Two Holes, Blonde Tortoise Shell, Cellulose Acetate, 27 x 14mm
4 White Tortoise Shell Rectangle Pendant 30mm, Dog Tag Bead Wide Bar Connector Charm Rounded Corner Acrylic Tortoise Pendant, BAR003-30-WT
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Circle Pendant, Great for Earring Blanks, Cellulose Acetate Shapes, 35mm
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Beads, Flat Discs 15mm Yellow Blonde, Light Tortoise Shell Stud Earrings Blanks, Tortoise Shell Supply, CN008-15-BT
4 Simple Circle Links in Blonde Tortoise Shell, Two Holes, Acetate, 20mm
2 Large Round Rings in Blonde Tortoise Shell, 1 Hole, Infinity Circle, Cellulose Acetate, 40mm
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Mini Hoops for Earrings, Flat Round Tags 15mm, Tiny Circle Charm Acetate Shapes, Small Circle Disk Beads CN018-15-BT
4 Colorful Marble Oval Connectors with 1mm Hole, Closed Rings Small Oval Charm Acrylic Chain Links, Top Drilled Beads Tropical, VG012-30-DMC
4 White and Black Marble Cabochons Tortoise Shell, Acetate Beads Button Earrings Small Round Blanks for Earrings Tortoise Studs LAK015-15-BW
2 Tortoise Shell Half Circle Pendants, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 18mm
2 Ring Connector Charms in Tortoise Shell, 1 Hole, Flat Edge, Cellulose Acetate, 32mm
4 Desert Tortoise Shell Flat Circles Discs, Plastic Discs Undrilled Beads Desert Turtle Shell Cellulose Acetate Acrylic Pendant LAK009-25-BT
4 Tortoise Shell O Rings 24mm, Acetate Tortoise Rings with Hole Plastic Ring Links Tortoiseshell Beads Circle Pendant Round, RG002-24-TT
4 Large Coin Pendant Tortoise Shell Circle, Flat Round Discs 1 Inch Vinyl Blank Coin Disc Beads, Classic Tortoise Jewelry Supply CN031-25-TT
4 Marble Pendants Round Circle, 24mm Disc Monogram, Rainbow Coin Beads, Earring Blanks for Vinyl, Tortoise Shell Disc Beads, CN019-24-KMC
4 White Gray Marble Pendant, 30mm Ring Links, Necklace Circle Ring Acrylic, Grey Swirl Beads, Circle Links, White Marble Charms RG037-31-GWM
4 Large Oval Links, Black and White Tortoise Shell Connectors Plastic Chain Links Acrylic, Open Oval 1 Inch, Black Marble Beads, VG021-33-BW
4 Flat Discs in Dark Rainbow Ombre, Flat Round Drops Cellulose Acetate Earrings Blanks Resin Colorful Charms Black Marble Slab LAK013-25-DMC
2 Large Half Circle Earring Components, Galaxy Marble in Purple and Green, Cellulose Acetate, 37 x 18mm
4 Double Hole Ring Links, Blue Acetate Charms Dark Blue Marble Tortoise Shell Earring Findings Blue Picasso Bead, Circle 2 Holes RG034-25-DU
4 White Tortoise Shell Links 2 Holes, Tortoise Chain Links Acetate, Large Rings 25mm Circle Connector Acrylic Round Hoop Bead, RG025-24-WT
4 Oval Acrylic Charms 33mm, Tortoise Shell Jewelry Supply, Large Oval Circles, Oval Hoops, Plastic Tortoise Links Ring Flat Oval VG004-33-TT
4 Chunky Tortoise Shell Plastic Chain Link 34mm Tortoise Findings Component Oval Large Plastic Ring Laser Cut Tortoiseshell VG001-34-TT
4 Flat Oval Links 30mm, Orange Tortoise Shell Pendant Plastic Tortoise Ring Bead Oval Connector Number Zero Charm Long Oval Drop VG009-30-TT
4 Large Oval Charms 33mm, Imitation Tortoise Shell Supply Colorful Acrylic Oval Disc Celluloid Acetate Tortoise Blue Pink Black VG011-33-KMC
2 Large Petals Curved 31x28mm, Tortoise Acrylic Earring Blank, Marble Multicolor Flower Petal Big Triangle, Rose Petal Bead, FW004-31-KMC
2 Blonde Tortoise Shell Hoop Bead, Round Circle Ring Charm Acetate Jewelry, Flat Circle Ring Bead Tortoise White Donut Bead RG017-35-WT
4 Blonde Tortoise Shell Circles 17mm, Plastic Disc Bead Marble, Acrylic Earring Blank Monogram, Tortoise Jewelry Supply Findings CN005-17-WT
4 Flat Round Charms Circles 24mm, Ash Blonde Tortoise Shell Supply, Plastic Charms Acetate Necklace Acrylic Earring Blank Tags, CN024-24-WT
2 Extra Large Ring Connector Links, Large Donut Bead Loop, Very Large Circle Pendant Tortoise Shell Earrings Blanks Resin Hoops, RG019-47-WT
4 Tortoise Bead Charm 15mm, Vintage Tortoise Shell Drop Bead Plastic, Flat Coin Bead Tortoise Pendant, Tortoise Shell Jewelry, CN003-15-TT
2 Amber Ring Drop Charms, Smooth Round Disc 35mm, Sandstone Bead Red Brown Circle Resin Hoop Earrings Faux Tortoise Shell Supply RG023-35-AM
4 Small Coin Beads in Assorted Colors, Tortoise Findings, 14mm Flat Circle Charm Tiny Round Disc for Earrings Colorful Acrylic, CN021-14-DMC

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