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There are several things to think about while naming your jewelry collections. The name should be catchy, expressive, and pertinent to your brand. By thoughtfully selecting a collection name, you can evoke specific emotions and values and help your customers feel more connected to your brand's mission.

As a jewelry designer, you are aware of the time and thought that goes into each piece. But have you ever given your collection's name any thought? A well chosen name can help inform your design decisions during the planning phase and unify those jewelry pieces with a common theme.

In this article, we'll look at various naming strategies for jewelry collections as well as some mistakes to avoid.

What Should I Call My Jewelry Collection?

Finding the perfect name for your jewelry collection can be a creative and sometimes frustrating process. If you're not sure where to start, here are several great sources of jewelry collection name ideas.

1. Consider City Names

World map with a passport and camera

A popular approach is to name your collection after a city that has special significance to you or your brand.

If your pieces are colorful, exotic, and bohemian, you might consider naming your collection after the Moroccan city of Marrakech. The city's vibrant markets, colorful tiles, and intricate textiles could provide a wealth of ideas.

If your pieces are bold and glamorous, you might consider naming your collection after the city that never sleeps. New York City's iconic skyline, bright lights, and bustling energy could inspire a collection that exudes confidence and glamor.

Here is a list of uncommon and lesser-known city names to get the ideas flowing:

  • Reykjavik, Iceland 
  • Quito, Ecuador
  • Kyoto, Japan
  • Hue, Vietnam
  • Inverness, Scotland
  • Tulum, Mexico
  • Matera, Italy

  • Mont Saint-Michel, France
  • Galway, Ireland
  • Banff, Canada
  • Sintra, Portugal
  • Bruges, Belgium
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania

2. Look to Foreign Languages

Women holding a flag of france with Eiffel tower in background

Drawing inspiration from different languages can infuse a foreign allure into your collection names. Sometimes, certain words may even possess a more captivating aesthetic in another language. Here are some examples of how you might incorporate other languages into your collection names:

It’s a given fact that French is called “the language of love”, so if your brand is inspired by the romantic, vintage styles of Paris, you might consider using French words in your collection names. For example, "Mon Amour" for a collection of heart-shaped pieces, or "Soleil" for a collection of golden sun-inspired pieces. 

Here is a list of other unusual and beautiful French words to inspire you:

  • éclatant - dazzling, radiant, or brilliant
  • frisson - a shiver of excitement or pleasure
  • feuilleter - to casually leaf through
  • l'heure bleue - the brief period of twilight when the sky is a beautiful shade of blue
  • lumière - light or brightness
  • mignon - adorable, good-looking or cute
  • papillon - butterfly
  • printemps - springtime

Pro Tip: 

Keep in mind to pick languages that suit your business and to which you can relate. Make sure the words are simple to spell and speak, ensuring customers can effortlessly understand your collection's branding.

3. Use Beautiful Words

pink cherry blossoms against a blue sky

For your collection names, words that conjure up beauty, grace, or a certain emotion can be a terrific source of inspiration. Keep in mind that the words you choose should be relevant to your business and simple to remember. For instance, if you design pieces that are delicate and ethereal, you may choose names that suggest these attributes, such as "Seraphim" or "Aurora."

Here are some uncommon examples of beautiful words you could use:

  • apricity - warmth of the sun in winter
  • brontide - low rumble of distant thunder
  • chatoyant - light reflecting in a gemstone
  • elixir - a magical potion
  • diaphanous - delicate, translucent, very lightweight
  • effervescent - vivacious, bubbly, enthusiastic
  • felicity - feeling of happiness
  • gossamer - sheer, filmy, delicate in appearance

  • halcyon - peaceful, calm, idyllic
  • heliophilia - love of sunlight
  • lithe - slim and full of grace
  • lyrical - beautiful expression of emotions
  • paradox - something that contradicts itself
  • sprightly - energetic and upbeat
  • sakura - a flowering cherry tree
  • zenith - the highest, most successful point 

4. Stick to a Theme

marble state against multicolored background

If you create pieces that have a specific theme, you might consider naming your collection after that theme. This approach can help keep it cohesive and make it easier for customers to remember your collections. 

For instance, instead of naming it the "Greek God Collection," a collection inspired by mythology could be named "Gaia's Gardens" or "Wings of Apollo." 

A natural spring collection could be called "Rosewild" or "Keys to the Forest." Consider looking locally for ideas and choosing names based on what is commonly found in your area - especially for flora and fauna.  

Pro Tip: 

When naming themed collections, dive deeper into the niche and find a specific reference that will be the perfect fit for you.

5. Go Literal with Stone Names and Metals

moonstone rocks

Use the names of particular stones or metal tones utilized in your pieces if you're looking for a simple and descriptive way to name your jewelry collections. By doing this, you can come up with a collection name that makes it simple for customers to recognize.

If your pieces are made of rose gold and moonstone, for instance, you may call your collection "Moonlit Rose," which appropriately describes the hues and components of your designs. 

Additionally, you might want to think about including adjectives or other descriptive terms to better distinguish your collection name and give your business a little personality or style. In the end, you can make a name for your collection that appropriately describes your designs and helps your business stand out in the congested jewelry market by using the names of stones or metals.

6. Use Word Generators

letters from the alphabet

Using name generators can be a helpful tool when brainstorming names for your jewelry collections. There are many online name generators available that can create original and imaginative names based on keywords or themes. These generators use algorithms to create novel combinations of words and phrases (sometimes they're great, other times they need work).

Behind the Name

The name generator from Behind the Name is a helpful tool for coming up with possible names for your jewelry collections. It can generate original and creative names based on various criteria, such as gender and cultural origin. For instance, choosing "First Name" and "Feminine" can result in a variety of possible names for your collection. Upon randomly generating names, some Celtic myth category names caught my attention, such as Morrighan, Luned, Angharad, and Aesir. 

Fantasy Word Generator

The Fantasy Name Generators website has a ton of suggestions if you're looking for names for your jewelry collections. 

You can choose from two randomly created words or only one to use as a name using a wide variety of generators. You can even pick from themes like dragons, fairies, elves, and more in the fantasy name category. If you were creating jewelry with an elvish aesthetic, for instance, you could name the collection "Arcaena," which was generated by the website.  This tool can be a fun approach to explore creative options for your brand.  


Use a portmanteau, which is a word made by fusing two or more words, as a way to come up with original names for your jewelry collections. 

This strategy can result in a name that is memorable, distinctive, and stands out from the crowd. You may use a tool like Portmanteaur, an online generator that makes portmanteau words depending on your input, to explore this naming strategy. For instance, the term "anklet" is a portmanteau of "ankle" and "bracelet." Although not all recommendations made by these tools may be helpful, they can stimulate original ideas.

What to Avoid: 4 Common Mistakes

Now that you have ideas about how to pick an original jewelry collection name that will represent your aesthetic, be sure to avoid the following common mistakes.

1. Words that are hard to pronounce

You want your collection names to be memorable and easy to search for online. You want it to roll off the tongue easily to make it stick with your customers.  Avoid using words that are difficult to spell or pronounce, as this can make it harder for potential customers.

2. Trademarked or copyrighted names

Gavel on an open book

Make sure the names you select for your collections are not already registered or protected by copyright by another company. Do your research! Utilizing someone's intellectual property can get you into legal difficulties and harm the reputation of your brand. 

Pro Tip: 

You can do free keyword and wordmark searches with the US Copyright Office and US Patent and Trademark Office to check if a phrase is registered.

3. Clichéd or overused words

Some terms, like "sparkle," "glamor," or "bling" are frequently used in the jewelry industry. Even while these phrases can be useful in the correct situation, overusing them can give your brand a generic or boring appearance. 

4. Words with negative connotations

Even if they seem to fit your brand or your products, negative adjectives like "crushed" or "tarnished" might leave a bad impression in the eyes of potential buyers, so be cautious when choosing collection names. Instead, concentrate on using phrases that are inspiring and upbeat and that convey the beauty of your designs.

Choosing the right name for your collection is an important part of building your brand as a jewelry designer. By drawing inspiration from different languages, cities, colors, and themes, you can create memorable and evocative names that help your jewelry stand out. Just be sure to avoid names that are too generic, limiting, or confusing. 

How did you come up with the name for your favorite jewelry collection?

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